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Ultimate Home Motor car

A state-of-the-art Jayco Motorhome lets you say hello to a whole new world of sights and experiences, without waving goodbye to all the comforts of home. Road trips and touring holidays have never been easier, or more enjoyable. When the next adventure beckons, just climb into the driver’s seat and turn the key.Luxury features
A traveling holiday doesn’t have to mean giving up on comfort. Just bring it with you. Your Jayco Motorhome is fitted with everything you need, and everything you want. When you’ve got an a fully equipped kitchen and full size bathroom, Euro Style furniture, comfortable high-resilience Dunlop foam cushions for years of comfort and support, generous storage space, air conditioning, leather upholstery and a Sphere LED TV/DVD – you’ll never need (or want) to go home.
More convenience
Step into the driver’s cabin and you’re on your way. Arrive at your destination, and no set up is needed. You don’t even have to leave your vehicle…

Kia creates eco-karma with electric Soul

The first things that you notice about any electric vehicle is just how quietly they move as well as the seemingly effortless acceleration. The Kia Soul EV is no exception. With a zero-to-60 time of about 12 seconds and a top speed of 90 mph, the Kia isn't mind-bogglingly fast, but something about the lack of powertrain noise or vibration and the delivery of torque without interruptions for gear changes makes the EV feel more nimble than the numbers imply.
Silent, but torquey

So how about those numbers? The 2015 Kia Soul is powered by an 81.4 kW AC synchronous permanent magnet motor that outputs a stated 109 horsepower and 210 pound-feet of torque. Like all full-electrics, the Soul EV's party trick is that it is able to deliver all 210 pound-feet of that torque from a dead stop, which makes it feel more responsive than a gasoline-powered engine of similar spec, simply because you never have to wait for it to build engine revs and power.

Kia tells me that the Soul's motor u…