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Used Car Checklist: Questions to Ask the Dealer/Owner
  1. Why are you selling it? _______________
  2. How long have you owned it? ____________
  3. What kind of gas mileage are you getting? _______________
  4. Has it ever been hit or in an accident?_______________
  5. What work does it need? ____________
  6. How many miles does it have on it (more than 15,000 a year should ring alarm bells)? ______________
  7. Do you have receipts, manuals and inspection records? (Check name on title, registration, driver’s license.) Yes___ No____
  8. How much do you want for it? _______________
  9. What’s the least you’re willing to take for it? _______________________
  10. Buying a Used Car Checklist
  11. Look at the car during the daylight, not at night or in the rain.
  12. Any bangs, scrapes, dents, rust spots? Dashboard or windshield cracks? Yes___ No____
  13. Is the paint an attractive color? Fresh and unfaded? Yes___ No____
  14. Look under the car; any corrosion or other damage? Yes___ No____
  15. Loose or missing parts? Scrapes underneath? Yes___ No____
  16. Is the frame straight? Yes___ No____
  17. Look under the car; any tell-tale oil or fluid leaks? Yes___ No____
  18. When you turn it on and run it awhile, is the car a ‘smoker’? Yes___ No____ 
  19. Used Car Checklist: Interior
  20. Is the upholstery in good shape, or is the leather or fabric torn or scraped? Power seats work? Yes___ No____
  21. Is there a cigarette smell? Yes___ No____
  22. Is the carpet clean and tear-free (pick up floor mats and check)? Yes___ No____
  23. Windshield wipers work? Yes___ No____
  24. Are all the car’s lights, controls and gauges working? Yes___ No____
  25. Seats and seat belts in good shape? Yes___ No____
  26. Do you and your family (and cargo) fit in OK? Yes___ No____
  27. Air conditioning, heater, defroster works? Yes___ No____
  28. All power options (locks, windows, antenna, etc) work? Yes___ No___
  29. Stereo, speakers, CD player, navigation, GPS, MP3, etc. working? Yes___No____
  30. Mirrors, horn working? Yes___ No____
  31. Used Car Checklist: Tires
  32. Tires have plenty of tread? Yes___ No____
  33. All the same size? Yes___ No____
  34. Is there a decent spare (and a jack and lug wrench)? Yes___ No____
  35. Used Car Checklist: Engine Compartment
  36. Check oil, power steering, automatic transmission, etc, fluid levels. Any leaks? Yes___No____
  37. Anything broken? Cables/hoses look frayed? Yes___ No____
  38. Start easily? Run smooth? Yes___ No____
  39. Smoke or burning smells when running? Yes___ No____
  40. Undue vibration? Yes___ No____
  41. Does the car stall if you take foot off the accelerator? Yes___ No____
  42. “Rev high” when idling? Yes___ No____
  43. Check engine light or other lights appearing? Yes___ No____
  44. Used Car Checklist: Test Drive
  45. Choose your own half hour route that will take you through city streets, winding hills and fast freeway driving. 
  46. Does the car shift smoothly? Yes___ No____
  47. Or is the car slow to accelerate, or do you hear a ‘clunk’ or grinding (may show transmission problems? Yes___ No____
  48. Enough power to climb hills and pass safely? Yes___ No____
  49. Any noises or vibrations, rattles or squeaks? Yes___ No____
  50. Do brakes work smoothly when going from 50mph to zero (‘panic stop’)? Yes___ No____
  51. Does the car pull to one side when braking? Yes___ No____
  52. When safe, take hands off the wheel. Does the car pull sharply to one side? Yes___ No____ 
  53. Make a few slow, tight turns; any noise coming from front wheels (might indicate CV joint problems)? Yes___ No____
  54. When you do long and short turns, sudden swerves and smooth transitions, does the car provide good steering response? Yes___ No____
  55. Is it easy to parallel park? Yes___ No___
  56. Does the car pull, wander or shake? Yes___ No____ Is the car quiet when the fan and heater or AC are on? Yes___No____              


Alloy Wheel care

Alloy wheels are the most common type of wheels on the road today.When it comes to top quality car wheels, alloy wheels rank high on the charts. Since these wheels are made of aluminium, they are much stronger, and provide better acceleration and braking than regular steel wheels.Here are some tips that can help you keep your steel and alloy wheels clean.

Things required

Aluminium wheels need regular cleaning and maintenance. For cleaning the wheels, you would need water and hose, soft rags or washing mitt, a wheel cleaning brush, and some large cotton swabs. These large cotton swabs will be used for cleaning the hard-to-reach spots. You would also need to buy a mild wheel cleaner and a polish. However, make sure the polish and the cleaner both suit the wheel’s finish.

We recommend cleaning the wheels before washing your vehicle. Cleaning wheels first will prevent brake dust and dirty water from splashing onto a clean car.

Rinse wheels to remove loose dirt and brake dust. Use a Fire Hose Nozzle to deliver a strong stream of water.
Spray one wheel at a time with an alloy wheel cleaner. These cleaners are non-acidic in order to protect the wheels' finish. Whether you have clear coated or polished alloy wheels, these wheel cleaners are safe choices.
Use a soft bristled wheel brush to agitate the wheel. The Speed Master Wheel Brush is a great choice because it can fit narrow or wide spaces and has a flexible stem. The soft, synthetic bristles loosen grime and brake dust without scratching the wheel finish. Reach through spokes to clean each wheel front to back.
Don’t forget the lug nuts. Brake dust hides wherever it can. Use a lug nut brush to clean around the lug nuts and inside the lug nut holes. While you’re working with the brushes, the wheel should remain wet. The water and wheel cleaner help loosen grime, but they also lubricate the wheel surface to prevent scratching. You never you want to let a wheel cleaner dry on the wheel because it will spot the finish.
While you’re down there, clean the wheel wells, a.k.a. fender wells. A lot of dirt and mud is kicked up in the wheel wells as the tires roll. You might need something a bit stronger than what you used on the wheels. Spray the wheel well generously with an all purpose cleaner, like Detailer’s Pro Series Cleanse-All Exterior Surface Cleaner. Use a long handled brush with sturdy bristles to agitate the wheel well. Note: Do not use your soft wheel brush on the wheel wells. Likewise, do not use the wheel well brush on the wheel itself. Think soft and gentle for wheels, strong and sturdy for wheel wells.
Rinse the wheel and wheel well, including the lug nut holes and between the spokes.
Always dry wheels. Water spots are unattractive wherever they appear, even on the wheels. OurWheel & All Purpose Microfiber Towel is exceptionally gentle on the wheel finish and grabs any residual brake dust. Because the towel is black, you can you use it on wheels without ruining it. To avoid cross-contamination, use this towel only on wheels and wash it separately from your other microfiber towels. Brake dust is the last thing you want on your paint

Cleaning alloy wheels

A warm day is ideal to clean your wheels, however try to avoid doing it in direct sunlight. Start by cleaning the wheels with water. Using a hose will help you reach inside the spokes. You can arch the hose just a bit to get dirt and grime out of the tricky corners of the wheel. It is important that you rinse off dirt and grime as cleanly as possible. This will help avoid scratching the surface of the wheel while cleaning.Once you are done hosing the wheels, soak the rag or mitt into soapy water and give the wheel a gentle scrub. After scrubbing the entire wheel thoroughly, rinse off the soapy solution with plain water. Clean inside the spokes using the wheel brush and rinse thoroughly once you are done. The large cotton swabs will help you wipe the remaining dirt off. After cleaning the wheels thoroughly, dry them with a clean cloth or towel.

Waxing and polishing

While some wheels need polish, others require wax. The type of wax or polish you use will depend on the wheel’s finish. For example, if the wheel has a chrome finish, you would need to use a chrome polish. Also, if the aluminium wheels are polished, go for aluminium polish. On the other hand, for painted or coated wheels, choose to use a good quality automotive wax for protecting the finish. Apply the wax or polish using a clean rag and buff till it becomes shiny. Polishing is not necessary for anodised wheels. In that case, applying a thin coat of petroleum jelly would do.

Following these simple tips will maintain the appearance of your car’s wheels as well as assist them in lasting longer. Since high-end wheels are often quite expensive and can be a highly personal statement that the owner makes, it is worth spending a little extra time on cleaning them. Just like the rest of your car, treat your wheels with respect, and they will continue to look great for a long time regardless of whether they are alloy wheels or steel rims

Monthly Auto Maintenance Checklist

Taking the time for regular under-the-hood vehicle checks will help prevent problems later. Spending 15 minutes every month for an under-the-hood check may prevent 70% of problems that lead to highway breakdowns. Convinced? Then run through the following list once a month or every 1,000 miles:
Check the air filter.Check the automatic transmission fluid level on the dipstick.
Check the accessory belts.Check the brake fluid.
Check the battery.Check the power-steering fluid.
Check the coolant.Check the windshield wipers and amount of windshield washer fluid.
Check the hoses.Check the wiring.
Check the oil level on the dipstick.Check the tires.



Take care of your engine, and your car has a better chance of lasting for the long haul. If you stay on top of your engine maintenance and tend to any engine repairs immediately, your car or truck will last longer.

A flashing check engine light is typically indicative of a serious problem affecting your vehicle's ignition, fuel or emission systems. If your check engine light is on or flashing, 

possible causes of a steady or flashing check engine light can include:
  • Failing oxygen sensor
  • A loose gas cap
  • Bad spark plug/ignition coil
  • Bad spark plug wires
  • A problem with your catalytic converter
  • Bad mass air flow sensor
  • Engine vacuum leak
  • EGR valve problem
Excessive gas consumption or release of air pollutants.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       


  1. Autos are somewhat costly methods of transportation. We need to keep it clean to keep it continually looking in great condition. We ensure it is waxed to keep it extremely sparkling and looking like fresh out of the box new constantly. We would prefer not to see scratches on the body, and we ensure it is taken care of deliberately at whatever point we convey it to a repair or auto focus.

  2. If you like following the latest happenings of the automobile world, you must have noticed some of the emerging trends in this sphere lately. Among other things, manufacturers are now paying a great deal of attention towards car interiors.

  3. In the event that you like after the most recent happenings of the vehicles world, you more likely than not saw a portion of the developing patterns in this circle of late. In addition to other things, producers are currently paying a lot of consideration towards auto insides.

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