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Future of Mobility - Shared, Self Driven & Electric

With increasing urbanization come environmental challenges due to high levels of vehicle emissions. To combat this, governments across the world have announced regulations on emissions and efficiency that are expected to become stringent with time. In the case of India, crude oil imports account for a significant portion of the current account deficit and also create dependence on certain global regions to meet fuel needs of the country.
The global automotive industry is on the verge of disruption due to the outcomes of four key technology-driven trends—electrification, shared mobility, connectivity, and, autonomous driving. As per a NITI Aayog report, India could save 64 percent of energy demand for road transport and 37 percent of carbon emissions by 2030 by pursuing a shared, electric and connected mobility future. Three drivers behind electrification trend −CO2 regulations World leaders committed to reducing CO2 emissions & regulation requires electrification to meet targets −Innov…

6 ways to keep your Car Corona Virus Free

As we all are aware about the spread of Corona Virus . The  Basic protective measures against the new corona virus are being taken through out the world. As per the sources ,Coronavirus can sustain on a metal upto 12hrs and fabric 9hrs . We all know our car is a carrier of bacteria and infections. So we need you to drag your attention towards your Car safety to prevent spreading of the virus.

So here are the following steps which we need to take care while entering in and driving your Car.

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1. Use disinfectant spray on your car Seat & door handles before opening the Door.

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2. Wipe Dashboard, steering wheel, Gear, Infotainment screen , Power window buttons properly before driving the Car.
As the study has been done by car rental company that found steering wheels to be more covered or marked with an unclean substance.and Cup holders came next, followed by seat belt, the inside door handles, gear shift and audio volume knobs,i…

Auto Industries may get affected due to CORONA VIRUS

As per the sources -the spreading of Corona Virus from China to entire world , A statement from the industry body said that the disruption caused by the coronavirus has hit the automotive industry and eventually also affected the automotive component and forging industries.

Some automotive plants in China are reopening as the worldwide expansion of the corona virus continues, but sales in China so far in February pretty much fell off a cliff. Some effects of the virus have reached Europe which may plan for temporary closure. As per the sources - China’s factories are beginning to come back to life after an extended lock down in the country’s industrial hubs, and that is good news for several Indian car makers that have their supply chains located beyond the Great Wall.

The resumption of auto-component supplies have  also come at a time the Indian industry is seeking to transition into stricter emission norms, leapfrogging from stage IV to VI in the next fiscal year …

Choose the Climate Friendly E - Cars

The climate friendly electric and plug-in hybrid electric cars are depends on where you charge them. In states where electricity generation relies heavily on fossil fuels, like coal and natural gas, powering electric cars can be more emissions intensive than conventional gas-powered cars. On the other words which states that  with large proportions of hydro power, renewable and nuclear power provide a low-emissions power grid for electric cars.

Choose the best E-Car for yourself :

1. Easy to maintain- minimal scheduled maintenance to their electrical systems

Source: Plugincars
2. Good Battery Life -Like the engines in conventional vehicles, the advanced batteries in EVs are designed for extended life, but will wear out eventually , so choose the best with the specifications.

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EV actually Allow speed to build up more slowly to avoid over-revving the engine which burns more fuel. Also, leave longer gaps between you and the car in front to avoid having to brake heavily t…

Connecting Cars to Cloud Computing

The real advancements in now enabled the connected cars which are astonishing. When these huge advances happened , they were mostly mechanical and  a bigger engine, more efficient transmissions, safer brakes, and much more i.e cloud computing is which is all about delivering on-demand computing services over the internet .

Image : iot-automotive

The connecting cars technology are bringing the world towards the new development and growth in
the automotive industry. With this connected car technology that can lead this industry into the best security offer and provide the services at global scale that makes relationship better between the customer and service provider  to start  and expand the right  time to manage the  connectivity for the entire vehicle life Cycle.

Image : techweekeurope
Volvo Cars are now used to the  Connected Vehicle Cloud to enable digital vehicle services in more than 120 markets. Since 2012, Volvo Cars having great partnership  with Ericsson to provide cars, dr…