How to keep your Car's Life Longer

For all the vehicle owners, their car is always their pride & joy that brings the convenience and comfort to them. A well-kept car always looks as new as other contemporary cars so the basic inspection of your car is very important for it's health.

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Not only checking tire pressure and washing makes your car durable, but there are few other things that needs to be done. To ensure that their lovely Cars are in prime running condition for longer time, we will introduce here the steps to make your Car life longer .

Keeping your precious car looking like new is possible only if you follow these relatively simple advice.
1. Regular Car Maintenance Going for regular car servicing is necessary. Many of us skips car visiting for service thinking that this is not necessary but small things an make big damage to the components

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2. Check Cluster Lamps  Few people knows or focus on what is showing on the cluster. Is it lamp or symbol or any inform…

12 Strange Automotive Jugaads that are taken to another level

How amazing it is to know that people around us are so talented to solve any problem using a flexible approach with minimum resources, that's what we call a "Jugaad" in our style. They can either make the best out of waste or apply some Desi Jugaads leaving others scratching their heads.

It's common to see really odd things now a days, so let's get ready for some strange experience. A few examples to show weird things that are happening all around us...

1. Driver Seat Replacement

A chair replaced by driver seat is beyond anyone's imagination. This poor guy did not think about the safety.

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2. Back viper replacement This seems to be the cheapest way to replace back wiper to clean rear glass with broom stick .

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3. Door Locking System Someone is very protective about his car - his mind thinks in another way to introduce Door Locking system in his car by installing door latch which is equipped with Lock & Key .

Curious to know what your Car Dashboard Symbols indicates you

As many of us drive cars but very few people knows or focus on what is showing on the cluster. Is it lamp or symbol or any information for the driver? I personally observed many people who drive cars specially new learners or untrained drivers does not know or care about what does this symbol mean.

However, it is very important for us to know the significance of these symbols in case we need help. So let's break down each symbols on the car dashboard for better understanding.

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Here i want to take your attention to these dashboard lamps as they are very important for your car's health and your safety. To ensure your safety please start observing every lamp or information which is being displayed on the cluster.

To know in details, kindly go through owners manual and get the cluster symbol information available in your car.

Here we have enlisted few cluster symbols which are followed by automotive standards, but before we proceed, we want to drag your att…

Check How Basic Engine Testing is done

Since the Engine is very important part of the vehicle, Let us understand today how the engine manufacturers do the testing before they deliver to the OEMs or customer .

Firstly the engine is tested & checked for the basic parameters which are listed below:
Measurement of Speed Fuel Consumption Measurement Measurement of Air Consumption Measurement of Exhaust Smoke Image Source: helical-technology
As we know that basic measurement calculated  with respect to the speed. There is a device which is called as tachometer which can be either mechanical or electrical. The method which is used for measuring the speed to the counter the number of revolution for the defined time which is called accuracy .
All the engines are fitted  with revolution counters - The three phase electrical tachometer permanent magnet alternator to which a voltmeter is attached to get the output of the alternator in linear function of the speed and directly getting indicated on voltmeter dial. In both type of ta…

Bollywood Actor Sonu Sood arranged Buses during this Pandemic to help the Migrants

Sonu Sood (born on 30 July 1973) is an Indian film actor studied mechanical engineering from very well known institute named as Yeshwantrao Chavan College of Engineering, Nagpur (India). He has delivered many successful movies such as Singh is king, Ek vivaah aisa bhi ho, Dabangg and many more movies.
With his kind heart for the humanity and concern about the migrants he has raised and thought to help and now he became a Rescuer for thousands of homeless workers/migrants in this pandemic by arranging 21 transport Buses.
“Initially, I spoke to some of the migrants here. They were in tears, and their kids were in bad shape. I requested some of them to wait for a day or two, stating that I will try to help,” he recalls.

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He started running a campaign named as “Ghar Bhejo” whose objective is to send many homeless people to their homes and safe places. He is arranging buses for migrant workers from Mumbai to their respective homes.

Image Source: newindianexpre…

Check which vintage car Johnny Depp owns & what are the specifications

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Johnny Depp is very well known American actor, Producer and Musician, who has been nominated for 10 Golden Globe Award as a best actor. He has done several blockbuster Hollywood movies like Pirates of the Caribben, Black Mass, The Tourist, Once upon a time in Mexico and so on.

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He is fond of vintage cars and owns 1959 Corvette. Let's explore a little about this car.

The 1959 Corvette has luxurious cockpit which was designed for navigation comfort. It has V8 engine with twin 4 barrel carburetion with 9.5 : 1 compression ratio which gives the horse power of 230 HP. It has 12 Volt electrically drive pressure lubrication system with full flow oil filter and also dual exhaust system.

It has a clutch semi centrifugal coil spring with force speed synchromesh gear box. Chassis has been designed in the form of box girder, x member reinforce the frames. It has very good suspension system with independent coil spring and rear suspension is m…

Do you know about the Specialty of Flying Car.

Aerobil seems to be one of the vehicle manufacturers which started building flying cars that is combination of plane and flying car together. It will be customer choice to drive on the road or in the air. Let suppose, you are driving your car in Indian roads and you came to know the traffic across it so this will give you the option to enable the flying mode and fly your car to reach your destination. Sounds exciting right? Lot more to know about this concept.

The ease of travelling to different places can be much more closer to cover the distances up to 1000 miles with such efficient technology that comes as modes of transport to reduce the travelling time and in addition airlines alternatives with its powerful engines and greater range . 

The inspiration for the design seems to be a unique and perfect aerodynamic shape. The exterior is designed by paying more attention towards safety features to develop unique and elegant design that is focused for both air and ground purposes.


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