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Bentley’s two-seat super coupe is coming

Bentley is [thumb and forefinger just a few atoms apart] this close to signing off a two-seat super-coupe for production. “It ticks all our boxes,” says Bentley’s board member for sales and marketing, Kevin Rose. “To decide whether to do a new model we always ask ourselves three questions. Is there a gap in the market? Is there a feeder group of customers coming from similar but cheaper cars? And can we make it a Bentley? With EXP 10, sure we can. It ticks all the boxes.” So why not just come out and say you’re doing it? “The starting point is the business case. That means technical feasibility, timing, engineering capacity, as well as finance. And the EXP 10 still hasn’t been signed off by the board. We’ll tell you as soon as we know. Couldn’t keep it a secret, frankly.” Aren’t there a scary number of rivals these days? “It actually helps if it has competition like the AMG GT and Aston Martin. It means people have already made a decision to be in that coupe market.” Things like the Jagu…

Unique Automotive Designed Vehicles







Now Volkswagen Beetle in india at Rs 28.73 lakhs

German car makers Volkswagen on friday launched beetle in India at Rs 28.73 lakhs.

Although it sports the same basic shape that's made it an instantly-recognizable icon for decades, the latest Volkswagen Beetle is more masculine, refined and feature-packed than before. Like the open top Beetle Convertible, it offers an appealing interior and a wide powertrain lineup.

Designed to be both sportier and more fuel-efficient than before, the Beetle looks somewhat like a squashed version of the outgoing model but the two cars have very little in common. The "cathedral" domed roof of the preceding Beetle is gone, replaced by a more conventional but still characteristically Bug-like roof. Bug-eyed headlamps return, while the tail lamps have been stretched out. The Beetle retains its cargo-friendly hatchback shape and its cartoonish bulging fenders.

The interior has grown up, too. The cockpit is clean and well laid out, and available accessory gauges mounted at the top of the dashb…

Mahindra KUV100 (S101) Launching on 15th January

Mahindra KUV100 will be the name of the Mahindra’s new mini SUV, which was codenamed – S101. Besides announcing the name, the home-grown automaker has also revealed the technical specifications and details of the vehicle. To be positioned below the Quanto/ Canto and the TUV300 compact SUV, the Mahindra KUV100 (S101) will be launched on 15th January 2016. This mini SUV is likely to be priced within the range of Rs. 4 lakh – Rs 6.5 lakh (ex-showroom).

The Mahindra KUV 100 will cater to a niche segment, it won’t have any direct competition in the country. But, at this price, it will compete against the Maruti Suzuki Wagon R, which is available at a starting price of Rs. 3.88 lakh (ex-showroom, Mumbai). Its launching as competitor with ford ecosport. 

The Mahindra KUV100 will be produced at the company’s Pune-based facility.

Honda Cars India to recall 90,210 units of Honda City and Honda Mobilio

There is recall includes 64,428 units of diesel variants of Honda City (manufactured between December 2013 and July 2015) and 25,782 units of diesel variants of Honda Mobilio (manufactured between June 2014 and July 2015).

The Honda Cars India will be recall to replace the fuel return pipe, which leads unspent fuel back to the fuel tank.

It is very necesaary to recalls the faulty return pipes could potentially result in leakage and stop the engine. This is the fourth recall for the Indian unit of the Japanese car maker this year, adding up to 330,000 units in 2015.

It’s about a fifth of the total number of cars that have been recalled in India since lobby group Society of Indian Automobiles introduced a voluntary code on vehicle recall in July 2012.

Mclaren Technology group Innovations on Racing Series

Innovation resides at the heart of the McLaren Technology Group. Competing in the most technologically advanced racing series in the world requires dedication, creativity and a microscopic attention to detail.
McLaren Racing formulates and delivers an upgrade to the McLaren-Honda MP4-30 every 17 minutes, 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and analyses 6.5 billion pieces of data from both cars over a race to work out where further improvements.

The relentless rate of development needed to remain at the pinnacle of motorsport has become second nature to a company that has been competing for over 50 years, & now seeded into every McLaren activity. Indeed, pioneering discovery and honing applications - the day-to-day stock-in-trade of the Group - are also delivering real-world benefits outside of motor racing.

McLaren Applied Technologies (MAT) harnesses the significant R&D, technical expertise and innovative spirit borne out of Formula 1, and applies its unique intellect and app…

Old is Gold About Fiat Cars

The first factory was opened in 1900 in Corso Dante. 150 workers were employed there and produced 24 cars, among which was the 3/12 HP, not yet fitted with reverse gear. The FIAT® logo, oval on a blue background and designed by Biscaretti, was adopted in 1904.

In 1958 production started growing enormously, both for automobiles and farm machinery.  Mirafiori doubled its factories and Fiat set up new manufacturing plants abroad as well.  In Italy this was the period of the economic boom and the auto sector was the ‘driving force’ of the     economy.

In 1955 the Fiat 600 was born, a big utilitarian car with a rear mounted engine.

In 1957 the New 500 was presented and in 1960 it began to be produced in the ‘Giardinetta’ version, a precursor of the Station Wagon style.

Moreover, these were the years of Fiat 1800, then 1300 and 1500.

Fiat 850, a new popular utilitarian car, the 127, made its debut in 197

In 1966 Giovanni Agnelli, the grandson of the founder, beca…

Camera Technology by TRW

TRW advanced camera solutions provide safety systems such as forward collision warning (FCW), following distance indication (FDI) and lane departure warning (LDW). These functions are realized with a forward-looking monocular camera mounted at the windshield in the region of the rearview mirror.
ZF TRW's lane departure warning system uses video camera technology, and can be integrated with electrically powered steering to enable haptic feedback for active lane keeping assist. The video camera detects when the vehicle is drifting toward the lane markings and the electric steering provides the driver with gentle guidance through the steering wheel to stay in the lane.
The camera-based forward collision warning identifies the closest object in the vehicle’s path and determines its scale change. Whenever size and optical growth of this object indicate a potential collision, a warning is given to the driver. A different warning will be given when driving too close to the impeding vehi…

Finally the Mahindra has Entered in Sports bike Segement

Finally the MAHINDRA has taken to make sure the Mojo is 100 per cent on target. the engine with max power of 27bhp was at ease cruising at speeds above 110 km/h and kudos to the Mahindra team for making this the bikes biggest strength. The peak torque of 30Nm kicks in at 4500 rpm to 6700 rpm and gives the Mojo strong mid-range acceleration band. The six-speed gearshift makes for spirited riding as it is quick and responsive on highways. It, however, isn't as smooth in city traffic as it takes its time when you look to downshift.

The styling of the Mojo isn’t pleasing on the eyes and despite the styling updates. Mahindra designers reworked the front fascia in which the DRL’s are integrated above the twin headlamps. The fuel tank has been tweaked with knee recess and it flows well with the profile of the bike. Mirror integrated indicators have been given the boot for conventional headlamp mounted LED units. The Mahindra signature style of gold ribs” (two horizontal golden bars below…

Top 10 fastest car in World

1)Hennessey Venom GT (270 mph)

 2)Bugatti Veyron Super Sport (268 mph)

3)SSC Ultimate Aero (256 mph)

 4)Koenigsegg CCR (242 mph)

5)McLaren F1 (241 mph)

6)Aston Martin One77(220 mph)

7)Jaguar XJ220 (217 mph)

 8)McLaren P1 (217 mph)

9)Ferrari LaFerrari (217 mph)

10)Ferrari Enzo (217 mph) 

Harley Davidson Museum Milwaukee

The Harley-Davidson Museum is a North American museum near downtown, Milwaukee, Wisconsin
celebrating the more than 100-year history of Harley-Davidson motorcycles.

The 130,000-square-foot (12,000 m2) three building complex on 20 acres (81,000 m2) along the Menomonee River bank contains more than 450 Harley-Davidson motorcycles and hundreds of thousands of artifacts from the Harley-Davidson Motor Company's 110-year history

The museum’s galleries permanent exhibitions, spread throughout two floors, in addition to temporary exhibits and the motor company’s archives. The complex also includes a restaurant, café, retail shop, and special event spaces.The Harley-Davidson Journey :

Along the east side of the upstairs galleries, a series of interconnected galleries exhibit the Harley-Davidson's chronological history.The galleries relate the company's history from its origins in a 10x15-foot wooden shack to its current status as the top U.S. motorcycle manufacturer, producing more tha…