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Innovative Touch Technologies for Automotives

Now a days, there is massive adaption in the technologies for the capacitive touch input systems that are being used in automotive for the ease of drivers and passenger comfort. All cars manufacturers providing a touch based feature either it can be music player buttons, steering wheel, door opening or roof sensor.

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The touch sensors are usually designed for 2D and now a days it is grown with addition of the touch pads which are more useful for the features like detection, gesture control and mainly introduced to reduce the driver distraction & have simple interaction between the car and driver.

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As shown in the above image -The sensors are integrated into the vehicle such as Mirrors based on buttons & proximity, over head panel where the sunroof control, Door handles, Door Panels, Infotainment based control for operating functions for buttons, sliders with touch technology.

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The touch based …

Ever wondered what these abbreviations written behind Cars means?

Hello Readers, Here i am back with a very interesting topic which everyone has surely noticed it behind your and other's cars. You might have asked yourself or other what this actually means but after some instance you just forgot or curious to know what is the actual meaning behind these terms.
Yes, i am talking about the specification or technology which every Automotive manufacturer use to define with simple phrase or word to define his model or Car. 
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So i will start from the oldest car i.e Maruti Suzuki 800 - EX, DX - many of my age group readers might have thought during their childhood days what is this EX and DX Means? Some of  you just learned as EX is without AC Model & DX - With AC Model.
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So the best answer would be EX stands for Extra and DX - Deluxe Model. I will tell some more terms which are used in present Cars :
First i will list down all the abbreviations which are commonly used in most of Automotive manufa…

Do you know Cars can talk to each other using V2X Communications

Hello Readers, after a short pause i am resuming with an interesting topic for all my readers i.e V2X Connectivity Technology. This is in trend since last year in the filed of Automotive Industry. So here we are to describe you first what is V2X Technology and how it is useful for the Automotive Industry.Image Source: equipmentworldVehicle to Vehicle is referred as connection between the two vehicles to transfer & exchange the data and maintain the communication using wireless technology. It will be having a defined frequency in GHz for short range communications which is integrated with WiFi for the fast moving objects. Image Source : automotivetestingtechnologyinternationalBy sharing the information about their position and speed to the surrounding vehicles and infrastructure V2X communication can improve driver awareness for upcoming dangers and collision avoidance which can save a human life and reduce the injury severity.Also it will enhance the traffic efficiency by giving w…

Why to use only Genuine Engine Oil In your Car

The oil acts actually as blood in your car's body. Just like if blood in human body is contaminated, your body starts to fall sick and suffer similarly your car starts to trouble you in engine, gear box steering etc if it has any debris present in the engine. The oil filter is just like our liver and kidney that traps all the bits and helps preventing the engine.

Since the type of oil which matters for thickness and viscosity of different engine oils. So for every car body it is dedicated with different type of engine oil & fuel which is required to keep your car healthy & provide the efficient performance.

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The same applies for steering oil, brakes oil, Transmission system. The use of genuine engine oil can make your vehicle work in the following ways: Maximize fuel efficiency.Maintain engine cleanlinessIncrease vehicle durabilityReduce component wear.
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The choice to have the right engine oil for your car can be challenging ta…

How to keep your Car's Life Longer

For all the vehicle owners, their car is always their pride & joy that brings the convenience and comfort to them. A well-kept car always looks as new as other contemporary cars so the basic inspection of your car is very important for it's health.

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Not only checking tire pressure and washing makes your car durable, but there are few other things that needs to be done. To ensure that their lovely Cars are in prime running condition for longer time, we will introduce here the steps to make your Car life longer .

Keeping your precious car looking like new is possible only if you follow these relatively simple advice.
1. Regular Car Maintenance Going for regular car servicing is necessary. Many of us skips car visiting for service thinking that this is not necessary but small things can make big damage to the components

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2. Check Cluster Lamps  Only a few people knows or focus on what is showing on the cluster. Is it lamp or symbol or any …

12 Strange Automotive Jugaads that are taken to another level

How amazing it is to know that people around us are so talented to solve any problem using a flexible approach with minimum resources, that's what we call a "Jugaad" in our style. They can either make the best out of waste or apply some Desi Jugaads leaving others scratching their heads.

It's common to see really odd things now a days, so let's get ready for some strange experience. A few examples to show weird things that are happening all around us...

1. Driver Seat Replacement

A chair replaced by driver seat is beyond anyone's imagination. This poor guy did not think about the safety.

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2. Back viper replacement This seems to be the cheapest way to replace back wiper to clean rear glass with broom stick .

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3. Door Locking System Someone is very protective about his car - his mind thinks in another way to introduce Door Locking system in his car by installing door latch which is equipped with Lock & Key .

Curious to know what your Car Dashboard Symbols indicates you

As many of us drive cars but very few people knows or focus on what is showing on the cluster. Is it lamp or symbol or any information for the driver? I personally observed many people who drive cars specially new learners or untrained drivers does not know or care about what does this symbol mean.

However, it is very important for us to know the significance of these symbols in case we need help. So let's break down each symbols on the car dashboard for better understanding.

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Here i want to take your attention to these dashboard lamps as they are very important for your car's health and your safety. To ensure your safety please start observing every lamp or information which is being displayed on the cluster.

To know in details, kindly go through owners manual and get the cluster symbol information available in your car.

Here we have enlisted few cluster symbols which are followed by automotive standards, but before we proceed, we want to drag your att…