Do you know about the Specialty of Flying Car.

Aerobil seems to be one of the vehicle manufacturers which started building flying cars that is combination of plane and flying car together. It will be customer choice to drive on the road or in the air. Let suppose, you are driving your car in Indian roads and you came to know the traffic across it so this will give you the option to enable the flying mode and fly your car to reach your destination. Sounds exciting right? Lot more to know about this concept.

The ease of travelling to different places can be much more closer to cover the distances up to 1000 miles with such efficient technology that comes as modes of transport to reduce the travelling time and in addition airlines alternatives with its powerful engines and greater range . 

Image Source: autonews

The inspiration for the design seems to be a unique and perfect aerodynamic shape. The exterior is designed by paying more attention towards safety features to develop unique and elegant design that is focused for both air and ground purposes.

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The interior seems to be tremendously comfortable and operational with stylish steering wheel equipped with control switch. Switch is provided for logical and accessible configurations. These all parts are considered to be very light weight with easily recognizable functions for the pilots while flying the car.

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The cockpit looks to be equipped with unique glass and display set up which is familiar to the aviation world. The integration of digital display tries to match with automotive operations also and when take off done then it will be used as perfect information system in the flight mode.

Image Source : businessinsider

It has an internal combustion engines with FADEC Engine control mechanism. The additional power and capability is delivered through using latest turbocharging system.

During flight mode operations, it has power of 224KW(300 hp) and on road is driven by hybrid electric system and the generator is the same engine that powers the vehicle in the air that turns  powers with  pair of electric motors located in the front axle of the car.

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