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Maruti Suzuki Swift vxi vs zxi

It is an exciting moment to be able to buy a car, and for those who are looking to buy a trendy hatchback, the Swift is a good car to pick. Swift is a popular car and highly desired among small happy families ever since launch in 2005 May. Whenever we think of buying a car, we look at the variants that would fit our budget and taste. There are thirteen variants of Swift on offer, and for people who are looking at mid-range variants with sufficient features, the VXi and ZXi are good models to choose. Which one to pick? Let us compare the two variants and come to a decision.
The overall architecture of Swift is classy, and the new car has the same design, with the only change being revamped bumper. The fog lights are redesigned as well and it looks trendy, surrounding it is a glossy silver bezel. The features that highlight the class value of the car are colored door handles, aggressive looking alloy wheels, thin window glass, and funky LED tail lights. The ground clearance power of the VXi car is good and it has a well-engineered rear bump that offers good balance and stability on any kind of road terrain.
Swift ZXi has a creatively aesthetic design, and the rigid compact body enables the vehicle to move through traffic and any lane scenario with ease. The features to take note of it rear fog light tinted window and body colored bumper.
The interior of VXi Swift is good and it is packed with convenient features that offer a comfortable and safe driving experience. The car has robust manual air-conditioning system with heater, central locking, tachometer, multifunction display, electric power steering and power windows.
The interior of ZXi is exciting for someone who is looking at optimum comfort and excitement, and these are the features to take note of. The car has a world-class CD player with AUX and USB compatibility, a highly efficient automatic climate control ventilation, remote controlled boot and central locking. The layout of the dashboard is professional, and there are power windows in the rear and front.

Engine and mileage:
Swift VXi is powered with an efficient 4-cylinder 1197cc engine, and this mill generates impressive energies of 114Nm at 4000rpm and 87PS at 6000rpm. Maruti Suzuki has engineered the car to produce minimal emissions that is not hazardous for the environment, and it is compliant with stringent BSIV regulations. The vehicle moves on a fuel-efficiency power of 17kmpl on highways and 12.6kmpl on ideal city road conditions.
Swift ZXi is built with a potent 1197 four-cylinder engine that yields fierce energies of 114Nm at 4000rpm and 87PS at 6000rpm. The car is engineered in a way that it emits minimal CO2 emissions compliant with stringent BSIV regulations. The car moves on a mileage of 17kmpl on cities and 12.6kmpl on city roads.
Braking and safety:
Swift VXi has impressive safety features to offer optimum protection from any angle. The car has rear drum brakes and front disc brakes. The other important security fittings present in the car are key out reminder, headlight reminder, child safety lock, fasten seat belt warning, door ajar warning, low fuel warning lamp and engine immobilizer.
Swift ZXi has good amount of safety features to offer high-end occupant protection, the vehicle has EBD, ABS, engine immobilizer, front passenger airbags. The other note-worthy features to take note of it is key out reminder, headlight reminder, door ajar warning, fasten seat belt warning, low fuel warning lamp and child safety lock.
Performance and handling:
VXi is engineered with a 5-speed manual transmission gearbox and it offers an admirable handling power. The vehicle is capable of maintaining sufficient balance when it reaches the 100km mark in only 12.29 seconds and the highest attainable speed is a notable 160kmph.
ZXi is built with an effective five-speed manual transmission system and the handling and performance capacity of the car is great. In only 12.29 seconds the car can move a maximum 160kmph distance.
The VXi car is sold at a price of Rs 5.52 lakh and the ZXi car is offered at Rs 6.55 lakhs.
From the price, it is evident that ZXi is a higher-end variant compared to VXi, and both cars have rich interiors. However, for people who are interested in comfort and entertainment, VXi is a better car to choose. The two cars are equally powerful on engine and mileage front and ZXi and VXi offers equally good performance and handling capacity. Safety wise ZXi has more to offer, it has ABS and EBD absent in VXi. The price difference between VXi and ZXi is not too significant, but ZXi is packed with greater number of features for the price offered, and hence it is a better car to go after. Many of us would believe it is worth investing a little more on ZXi to get additional features absent in VXi.

VXi is a good car to buy too, and customers can hope to experience good amount of comfort, power and safety. Swift is one fashionable hatchback that has been popular for years, and currently it is a fierce contender to Hyundai Elite i20, Volkswagen Polo and Ford Figo. For people who are keen on buying the Swift VXi and ZXi, both of these are amazing variants to go after. These are excellent variants for a families and bunch of friends, to just have a good time and enjoy life to the fullest.
At present, despite wide increase in the number of hatchbacks being launched, scores of people still prefer to buy the Swift. This car is among the first to create tons of excitement in the hatchback market, and the fashion statement of the car is just unbeatable, visible on the professional grille, bonnet, bumper and headlight design. Yes, currently and in the years to come, Swift is likely to continue to rule the hatchback segment.


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