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By Aamir Khan , Nagpur 
Hello friends , this is my new Maruti Suzuki  SX4It was a bit difficult for me to look beyond a HYUNDAI product but one car which really took me by surprise which has good economy, excellent handling , excellent brake control with ABS is this car. Amazing 1.7 Petrol engine with excellent performance . I can recommend this car for this segment i.e sedan. I would like to compare it with xcent, regarding height, space and comfort level this is much better, even a 6 feet or 6.5 feet tall person can easily adjust in front and rear seat. Boot is also very spacious I must say. When i drove it for a long distance, I actually came to know about the real performance of this vehicle, It was much more better than my expectation and now I am enjoying driving it.


By Nirved Singh , Bilaspur, India
Hello buddies , here I am with my new Honda Amaze, its very much impressive. Specially back seat...was not expecting such a roomy cabin from outside. But once u get in. It is really space for two adult and one kid. On reas seat. No complaint. Perfectly ok for me.Gear shifting is fine. Personally i am not in fav of roaring engine noice but it is accepetable for new enginer specially made of alluminium.

It is still very much balanced, smooth and old 1300 cc engine has been fun to drive so far. Looking for change and just buy amaze for sure. It is absolutely alternative for desire.

I would suggest its best mileage car in this segment. I drove it 440 km in a day, but still did not need to refuel again my tank and had Very smooth ride quality. I took test drive with 5 healthy friend each weight 70+ kg, and it was perfectly balanced , no shortage of power. Very much smooth acceleration and perfect breaks. So i would say EVERYTHING IS GOOD SO FAR. 


By Isabel, Taiwan

Hi, its my Toyota Matrix, I just love to drive in Tainan roads, Inside, it’s spacious for five passengers and their belongings. With 560 litres of space, the cargo area is vast. For more room, drop the 60/40 split rear bench seats. They fold down to create a flat area with nearly 1,400 litres of space behind the front seats.its amazing , Me and my family always have long trip with this , sometimes friends too, I feel this one perfectly suits me. I enjoy the every ride .


By Aniket Kathe, Nashik, India

hello this is my Volkswagen Polo,have driven a lot of baby cars recently, including the Renault Clio and Honda Jazz which both get The Tick, but the Polo has something extra. It's the solid feel, With the new base model packing 66kW of power from 4400-5400rpm and 160Nm at 1400rpm, the engine is entirely more bolshy, refined and usable than the 1.4-litre naturally aspirated unit it replaces (which had 63kW at 5000rpm and 132Nm at 3800rpm).
The diesels offer excellent fuel economy, but they cost a lot more than the petrols, so be absolutely sure the smaller fuel bills will be worth the extra you pay for the car up front.
The Polo has the substance that comes with the world's better cars, something that gives it an edge over the Jazz, and makes you feel a little safer despite its compact size. I love to drive in the highways ,amazing cruise control system. I just love my car , I always take snaps while we go to trips like above i shared :)


Car can bring a smile  to make the day :)
A very sweet and cute little girl, giving pose with a car owned by her parents with Skoda Superb @ Mumbai


By John W curtis ,Falkirk, Scotland
Its my car from Tesla motors ,I am the Expert in low carbon and sustainable transport, renewable energy, marketing, social media and carrot cake!, Cleaner Cheaper Greener Motoring ! We're experts in low emission vehicles and saving businesses money. Visit our website & read our column in the Daily Record


By adi, Kanpur , India
Heres my tata vista with 1.3litre quadrajet diesel engine of 1248cc with the power of near about 74bhp...
Its a nice car by Tata with lots of features inside it such as Abs, Lumbor support, blue five n etc. The sound of music is awesome I really lyk it loud when I drive alone...
This car give an awesome mileage of 21.3kmpl on highways and near about 18 in city area..I luv to drive on long routes with friends and with family...
Tata also provides many of the beneficiary schemes for its better services..and low maintenance costs.

Nice car introduced by Tata and obviously for engine hats off to Fiat...

Love to drive my car slow rash fast as the roads are.. :)


By Mr. Garai, Raipur, India

My maruti suzuki Ritz, i have own this for a very long time, its Very comfortable to sit for a tall person like me.Have done long journeys in this and must say the comfort is too good. Don't feel tired even after continuous journey. This is from drivers as well as passenger perspective.5 can seat comfortably.

Boot space is good enough. 60/40 split seats helps a lot if you have 4 passengers and huge luggage to take. Just fold one seat and dump luggage there.Mid range of this is just amazing to play with. Good power to play around. Even with 5 seated in the car has a good pull, never feel under powered. Top speed I have touched in this is 170 kmph .

Overall experience has been amazing and would highly recommend for those who are looking for a spacious cabin and comfort with Mileage and reliability


By Mrs.P, Raipur, India
This is my new Renault duster, I bought this few day days ago, Its superb ,amazing driving and much more comfortable, specially at long travelling in nights.I believe which can make your journey extra ordinary.


By Ashutosh,Sambalpur, India 
No other car would give comfort like Innova i feel, Best for long journey travelers. I will recommend this to all , just have a test ride once and feel the difference.

By Ritz, Raipur ,India
The first sedan to own and to drive... My all new hyundai Xcent. The first experience of power steering n ABS technology with electric type outside rear view mirrors, steering mounted controls of audio and Mobile calls, trip computers etc, Individual AUX,USB and iPod port makes my long drive smoothing with all my favorite songs. Its spacious trunk comforts me for all my language for any trip. Every time i drive , I have the full new experience of its special features, just loving it and driving it :) 


By Dr. Verma, Katni , India 
My new Hyundai i 10 ,Asta , a good option for me as good vehicle, fits in average sized garage, Easy to manouvre within limited space, My wife liked it as it has many user friendly gadgets, Good smooth drive, was recommended by previously satisfied friends,

I have waganor too and have no compalaints with it . In this range asta has comparable ease of driving with more user friendly technology.

By Mr.Lakhwinder Singh, New Delhi ,India
This is my all new Tata Aria, its very special for me because its my fathers gift on my marriage and had fisrt long drive with my wife, its having premium body line great road presence front needs to be better. Painting job excellent considering all cars in this segment. .really very desirable feel except front look. Tata should rethink on providing indica like fronts for beautiful beast like this, also doors should be made little more sturdy. 

I had already owned feasta, that is charm and i feel it suits to my personality Good styling. Looks great from the side view, not so good looking from the front.Excellent engine performance and you can hardly feel any lag at slow speeds. Gear shift is very smooth and very smooth. In heavy city traffic, I am getting an average of 15kmpl. ABS works fine, airconditioning very good. Excellent ride quality and easy to handle at ;ast i will say it is excellent for self driving. Not recommended for driver driven and rear seat travel. Excellent music system with blue tooth connectivity and voice commands.

By Sagar, Nagpur, India
Recently I drove my A-star Zxi on long drive� 700KM, Found to be very economy on mileage..Look and Style:� Great looking... sporty looking...Comfort: Very comfortable to drive, and good AC system....Front 2 seats are very spacious and comfortable...Pickup:� Vey good pickup...Mileage: Nagpur City Drive with AC = 15.50 KMPL.... Highway with AC = 19.30 KMPL, Highway without AC=20.9 KMPL......Best Features: Easy turning/parking at less space, Built in Audio system, Bucket seats with rear seats,head rest.......Needs to improve :� Rear seating leg space very less.. for the tall and fat persons...Overall Experience: Very nice to drive in city and highways.


By Mihir, Ahemdabad ,India

hey friends , its Mihir Here ,Software engineer.. But ohh we are not here to talk about me..we are here to talk about these sexy 4-legged beast i own my Tata zest, so 3 months back i had a Zen Lx, that unfortunately dusted to metal after a long 8 years of service, so my moms says to me that we need a new car , dont we ? ,so i just went to many showrooms and then spot this amazing car would love to drive that sets in my budget. I did not want to buy just a car.I want to buy shiny car, so i notice this sky gray zest in Tata show room and honestly, the first look of car to bought this and ended up buying this sexy zest.Its been 2 months , since i have had drive her. Drove arr round 1200 kms so far  and i feel its most promising car i owned till, the cost is both that higher either, i just love the color and ground clearance it has ,plus it provides 3 multiple drive options in the city mode, eco( fuel friendly )and sports mode ( you gotta love this ), On the highway it turns into m0nster, all you need is just to press the sportz button and it drives insanely smooth and fast. I love the efficiency of the car.


By Nishu Nagpur, India

Hey!! This is my red n hot damn sexy Hyundai i 20, 1.2 petrol engine Very good Leg space in front and back, a decent boot space, the interiors are very good not made of cheap plastic.Though the display is very small, looks nice. It comes with Kenwood speakers without subwoofers. Steering mounted audio controls looks pretty fine, we feel to dance sometimes in the car . even in heavy rain the ABS works perfectly fine, and body is very steady.

It gives me Pleasure while driving it, Its always with me , while hangout with my friends all day and night and we both had a great memories together :P , My friend also own this car royal white color , another top model . We go together with all my buddies and make every drive  as a memorable drive , lot of memories with it . I just love my i 20. Its really amazing. :)


 By Vini , Raipur , India 
My new and damn pretty silver  Nissan Micra, i just purchased it few months ago , which is perfect, looks cool with its different style, which looks mature and smart with old design theme (like mini cooper) smooth driving with great comfort, zippy and push button start with amazing electric mirrors and i must say a good step taken by Nissan of giving Airbag on all the versions, By the looks of it, it is I Felt before its  small car but when you enter inside the space amazes you. Comparing space and interiors of all the cars in the segment this one steals the show. Its a featured rich car with all company fitted equipment and the quality is very good and I too had lot of memories with it long trips , college hangouts.


By Mr. Dinesh, Chennai , India 

By Kushz, South Carolina , USA
heyy buddies, this is my Honda accord ,drives me crazy ,although have habit of left hand driving in India but soon i had learned it , my first feeling after having a look at the car, will be able to drive it in this crazy city traffic the size of the car did baffle me completely (looks like of size of bmw 5s eries or e-class) but all that changed once i got into the car
he driver’s seat is supremely comfortable and is electrically adjustable
The next thing that surprised me was the phenomenal visibility for a car of its size. u know exactly where the front left corner of the car is I .the rear view is also good.The dash is fairly straight forward - has the usual rpm/speedo/fuel guage.

 There is a door indicator and a trip meter (a/b), the outside temp and the odometer with the usual warning lights. Couple of storage elements in the center (below the music console), front/rear of the gear lever and under the arm rest. One for glasses near the rear view mirror.The rear A/C vents are between the front two seats, no adjustment though.I feel its perfect car for me .
Sometimes i do some crazy things a still photography but its gives me much more fun and real excitement in my life with my car. :D :)


By Constan, Tainan City, Taiwan
Ni hao , Its my black sunshine Volkswagen Lupo is a bit different., looks smart yet funky inside and out, and has build quality that can rival many of Volkswagen’s bigger family cars.decent drive, with reasonable handling and decent performance, although it isn't as much fun as a Ford Ka Although the cabin is well turned out and easy to use, it’s a bit tight on space, even for a city car. Front-seat passengers won’t suffer too much, i always take my car anywhere we go , had lot lot of memories with it  , while shopping i just crazily fully fill my boot and I  just love to drive my Lupo in midnight cool climate, its gives me pleasure and enjoy it a lot while night drives in Tainan City, Taiwan


By Rishi, Bilaspur , India
My all new skoda Fabia , i purchased it after  my opel coarsa, I feel its amazing technology , smooth handling , It is supremely spacious for a small car, plus it's well equipped, good to drive and undercuts its main rivals on price. It's a brilliant choice i feel after i got it  and is thoroughly deserving of our 2015 Car of the Year award i feel.

I have lot of good memories with it specially with my family and my girl friend , we go many times for a long drives  and makes lovely drive altogether by running my fabia on roads as before my opel,this both cars i  had a lot of memories with my graduation Gang those have played much more role in my life for happiness and enjoyment. We had done at nightouts many  in the Raipur City till morning. i really miss all those and my car too :P :)


By Mr. Karaiya, Nagpur, India
My new Hyundai fluidic design Verna, just buy if few days ago, I have owned an Maruti and then a hyundai i 20 till I decided to buy this new sedan from - “Hyundai Verna”.I have always been very apprehensive about Hyundai cars then I decided to upgrade to a sedan, Great pick up, great looks, cool interior, good mileage not found anything bad in this yet.  I would say best in the segment. you will forget skoda when you will drive it. it competes with laura. driving diesel verna, you cannot judge its a diesel car. hyundai has not left any con in this car. all are pros. average is 15+ local with ac and on highways its 20+ with ac. Its having great torque of 24 kgm and 110 bhp makes it the fastest car of the segment and even of upper segments, arrival of this car in my home made a joyful and happiest moment with my family.


By Chimay, Nagpur , India 
Hello friends , i just love to drive  Volksawagen Vento,  having Mileage, space, soft handling, very smooth steering, music system, ground clearance, THE ENGINE IS TDI. bUT BECAUSE OF TDI ENGINE, the mileage is very high i feel,till the date i drove  385 KM between 135 km  city &  rest on the highway , getting 19.2 KM/ L in Diesel Automatic  (THE NEW DSG TRANSMISSION) I am really very happy by getting this much high mileage from Automatic Transmission gear system.

I own a hyundai i10 too, which had lot of good memories during my graduation days , hang out all night with loud music in nagpur streets, and go for poha and tapri chai  with my friends, really cant forget all those beautiful memories i have with my hyundai i10, :)


By Ajinks, Pune , India 

My Renault duster, superb handling and amazing driving ,uper comfort inside and you will feel like you're the king of the road and exteriors are quite unique , sporty and dusting drive it gives with mileage of 9 kmpl and 18 kmpl in highways , It's easy to drive around. You don't feel like you're in an SUV. Me and my friend roam all places with dusty duster , we had lot of funny and crazy momemts with my dusty, going to dhabha at nights , doing a lot masti with all guys , loud music , simply relieves us from all the stress which we suffer in this busy and moving life. My dusty is a lot more for me. I must say when , i leave pune , the road will surely miss it ! :P :P :D


By Vishz, Chandigarh, India 
My chervolet Uva, Big space for family, it makes each ride joyful. Ride is like sailing in a ship. A/C is excellent compared to any other car brand in india .I even check with toyota etios,sail A/C is superior to any brand. space wise no car beat it. Ride quality is excellent . it like any high end vehicle. it is not riding it is like sailing in ship. no need worry about hubs and bumps. with ABS-EBD car it at your fingers. good for long ride.

Final Words I recommend who ever looking for a big space ,ride comfort , don't want to compromise anything. This is a car with all high end feature at affordable price.


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