How Easily You Can Store Car Documents in DigiLocker?

Whenever you are going to drive your car, it is immensely important to carry your car documents and your driving license with you for ease. However, there are a bunch of people who may prone to penalties when they not being able to provide a valid document related to the vehicle. But thanks to the digital era that makes things easier like now you can store your car documents into PDF file format and save it on your mobile. Even now thanks to an online PDF converter that lets you convert files to PDF documents for the assistance of storing any type of document.

Besides that, the DigiLocker app is the most appealing app that allows you to store your car’s document in a digital format.

Keep Scrolling down to learn some basics and start how easily now you people can store car documents in the DigiLocker app.


What is DigiLocker?

As the name reveals that it is a digital locker. It is indicated as a government initiative that helps you to upload and store your scanned documents by simply providing your Aadhaar Card number. However, if your car documents are stored in Word file format or in any other format, then it’s best to change it into PDF file format for security concerns. You could try an online PDF converter from the source of that convert file to PDF without any quality distortion and even you can add a password to your converted PDF with protecting pdf tool.

Well, DigiLocker allows you to store the following documents related to your car:

· The Registration Card (RC) of Your Car: It is the most patent document of your vehicle that entirely proves that you can legally drive the car in question.

· Your Driving License (DL): this paperwork is legitimate to prove, which indicated that you’re legally allowed to drive a car.

· Insurance Papers of Your Car: According to The Motor Vehicles Act, 1998, it is highly essential to own at least a Third-party car insurance policy.

· Pollution under Control (PUC) Certificate: This is also an immensely important document, it depicts that the gasses releases from your vehicle are well within the standards set by the concerned authority officials.

If you don’t want to utilize this app, then proceed with PDF document file format. And, if you already stored your car document into PDF and but it seems daunting format due to compatibility, then simply upload it into PDF converter and let it turn into another document format for your ease.

Apart from car documents, DigiLocker also lets you store different other documents such as:

· educational certificates

· Insurance policy documents

· Birth certificates

· Income certificates

· Caste certificates

· Dependency certificates

· Marriage certificates, and certain others

Experts also utilize an online PDF converter for converting PDF files to and from different other compatible document file formats for file saving concerns.

How to upload your car documents in DigiLocker?

The entire process is very simple, you can take a look at these steps:

· At first, you need to download the DigiLocker Android App on your mobile, or even you can visit its official site of DigiLocker. However, when it comes to dealing with PDF files, then it’s best to commence using an online PDF converter

· Very next, you ought to make signup by adding the phone number and even validate using your Aadhaar

· Once you reached the app's dashboard, you have to make a tap on the Upload button

· Now, you simply ought to choose the file that you need to upload in the designated Upload File Dialog box

· Very next, now you are simply required to choose the type of the uploaded document from the given drop-down list

· Once you are done with these all, simply hit the Save button. Also, you can give a try to this app that allows you to edit the name of the file by using its Edit icon.

In today’s world, it’s crucial to digitize your important documents with a legitimate tool that assists you to retrieve them anywhere and anytime. So, account with DigiLocker right now and say goodbye to your paperwork.

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