Learn Python For Automotive

Hi Techies, are you willing to learn something technical during lock down period and want to increase your programming skills but don't know where to start with? Let's utilize the time and get the best out of it.

Well, Python is the most popular programming language which you must get your hands on to walk along with the trends.

So, here we are to teach you and make you aware of the concepts of Python programming language. You can learn and become a good Python programmer by following our methods and proper concepts.
Let’s begin…

Installing and Running Python

In order to install python visit: Python

Python comes pre-installed with MAC OS but in order to install the latest Python version you need to go to the same python website.


Python is an open source, object oriented, high-level programming language which is widely used for developing web applications, mobile applications, games, write graphical user interface based applications, network programming and so on. 

It was created by a Dutch programmer Guido van Rossum at Centrum Wiskunde and Informatica (CWI) in the Netherlands and was first released in 1989.

Why Python

Python has simple and short syntax that allows user to write code in just few lines which saves time, resources and time on the system.

Role of Python in Automotive Industries

Python is the go-to programming language for testing new automotive systems such as steering control system, camera system, engine management system, parking system, break control unit.

Automotive Electronics make use of Python for developing intelligent systems based on Machine Language and Artificial Intelligence.

Features of Python:

Basic Data types in Python:

Python data types defines the kinds of value which determines what operations can be performed on the data. Some of the important types are listed below.

They are positive or negative whole numbers with no decimal point. Eg. : 5, 10
Defined as “int”

Floating point numbers: Floating point numbers are separate with integers with the absence of decimal point numbers. Eg. : 0.5, 10.9
Defined as “float”

Complex numbers: Complex numbers are written in the form x+yj, where x is the real part and y is the imaginary part. Eg.: 2+3j
Defied as “complex”

Strings: Strings are sequence of character data. A string can also be empty. Eg: "xyz" or 'xyz' (Both the inverted commas can be used)
Defined as “str”. 

Boolean Types: It has only two possible values: true or false. They are used to present truth values.

A few points to keep in mind:

  • The printing command is used as printEg: print (“xyz”)
  • We use == to compare where as = to assign. Eg: a=10, b=20 or i%2==0
  • In order to comment a line, use # symbol. The rest of the line will not be executed. Short key to comment is: ctrl+q.

Let’s begin with the very simple Python program
, we use the print command to print any string.
1.     Open command line of Python.
2.     After the >>> prompt type:
      Print (“Hello World”)

And press enter to see the output.

Congratulations! You have successfully executed the first python program. Now you are ready to go ahead. 😃 



Thank you for your comment. Keep reading will post more to keep you updated.

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