BlueDriver diagnoses engine problems

The good Repair Reports generated by
BlueDriver not only interpret error codes, but
suggest causes and fixes. The Smog Check
feature can let you know if your car is likely
to fail a smog test.
The bad The BlueDriver app offers no help in
understanding your engine's running data. A
built-in VIN scanner would be a nice addition.
The bottom line For its price, Lemur
Monitors' BlueDriver is a convenient tool for
those who want some ability to work on and
understand modern engines.
The complexity of modern cars, with their
computer-controlled fuel injection systems,
spelled the end of the shade-tree mechanic.
Unless, of course, the diagnostic tools used by
professional mechanics become inexpensive
enough and easy to understand for the
average Joe.
That's the idea behind Lemur Monitors
BlueDriver OBD-II scan tool, which lets you
check your car 's engine performance, examine
error codes, turn off a check engine light,
and even get an idea if your car will pass its
smog check.
Affordable OBD-II scan tools have been
around for a while, but BlueDriver allows for
deeper data and more portability. Instead of
an integrated scan tool with a small,
monochrome LCD, like the majority of models
available, BlueDriver consists of an OBD-II
dongle connecting to a smartphone through
Bluetooth. The BlueDriver app allows for a
large number of features and takes
advantage of a smartphone's computing power
and connectivity.

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