Hyundai Motor Company’s automotive technology continues to evolve, aiming to create moving experiences and to build trust.

Advanced traction cornering control (ATCC)
Improves agility when making turns at high speeds
Autonomous emergency braking system (AEB)
Protects drivers from  crashes by automatically halting the car in case of emergenciesSmart cruise control (SCC):
Sensor fusion calculates distance from the car in front and maintains safe distance without having to step on the brakes.

Head-up display (HUD):
Driving information projected on the windshield allows the driver to grasp information while keeping eyes on the road.

Around view monitoring system (AVM):
360 degree camera view enables the driver to see the front, rear, side, and blind spots around the vehicle.

Lane keeping assist system (LKAS):
Security system activates warning light, alarm, and pre-safe seatbelt to alert driver of a lane departure.

Power trunk:
Trunk lid opens automatically by standing near the trunk with the smart key for 3 seconds

Blind spot detection (BSD):
Automatically detects and alerts the driver about cars in blind spots and cars that approach the back or side of the vehicle.

Driver state monitoring (DSM):
DSM employs facial recognition engine technology to determine the driver’s state by monitoring changes in the driver’s eye movements and facial muscles with an infrared camera installed inside the car. By measuring the driver’s blinking and facial direction patterns, it sounds an alarm sound and relays strong vibrations to the seat when abnormal states are detected.

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