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Toyota developing free piston engine linear generator for hybrid cars

Toyota is hot on hydrogen fuel cells for its next-generation cars, but it’s not going cold on internal combustion just yet.

The company’s R&D division has developed a Free Piston Engine Linear Generator that can convert gasoline and other fuels into electricity more efficiently than existing systems.

It’s a technology that could lead to lighter, more efficient, better-packaged powertrains for plug-in hybrid cars.

Instead of connecting a separate generator to the crankcase of an internal combustion engine, the linear generator turns the piston itself into a generator, reducing the overall size and mechanical complexity of the machine.

Opposite the combustion end is a sealed chamber that acts as a gas spring to cycle the piston in lieu of the rotational action of a crank. In this case, a section of the piston is constructed of a magnetic material that interacts with coils in the walls of the chamber to generate electricity.

You can watch an animation of how it works here.

The motor…

New mahindra Scorpio Facelift Launching 25september

THE MOST SUCCESFUL SUVMahindra has been selling its Scorpio SUV in
the Indian market for over 10 years now
and it has been a constant money spinner
for the Maharashtra-based automaker. It
has received multiple facelifts over this
period and now, there is expected to be a
new one which will be launched sometime in
2015-2016. However, for 2014, Mahindra is
expected to launch a facelifted version
which has already been spotted testing on
multiple occasions. It is expected to get
mostly cosmetic changes both on the inside
and outside but will remain the same
The facelifted Scorpio gets a revised front
and rear end but retains the same overall
design. This is likely to be in a bid to remain
faithful to existing customers and fans of
the SUV. The design of the alloy wheels is
also new. These major changes have given
the Scorpio a squat stance and hopefully
when revealed fully, a more contemporary
look. However, since the Scorpio is sold
across a large price range, we …

Electromagnetic Suspension in cars

A demonstration of the new suspension system
starts with a striking scene: a standard-
looking, dark blue BMW 530i that hops up and
down like a ‘lowrider’ in hip-hop video clips.
“Of course that isn’t the intention”, explains ir.
Bart Gysen, who is working for his PhD on the
development of the system. “But it certainly
shows what the system can do.” The car’s
wheels can be raised and lowered
independently in a fraction of a second. And
this high speed is one of the most special
features of the system. There are already
active suspension systems, but these are
hydraulic, which means their response is not
fast enough to cancel out the rapid vibrations
caused by irregularities in the road surface.
The new system can do this effectively, which
explains the better ride quality.
Vibration-free ambulances
The system developed by Gysen was tested last
year on a testbed that simulates road-surface
vibrations on just one wheel. That resulted in
an increase of 60 percent in ride quality. “We

First Flying car

It's one of science fiction's greatest unfulfilled promises, right up there with teleportation and time  travel.

The big difference between the Transition, which is scheduled to hit the market in 2015, and the new flying car is that the TF-X would be able to take off anywhere, like a helicopter, and not just at an airport.

Its automation systems would make taking off and landing a self-driving process, though the driver would be able to take over manual control at any time.