Telematics In Automobiles

Telematics - Telecommunication + Informatics


Information + Communication technology

•Communication is in 2-way(Receive and Send information)
•Incoming and outgoing data is a mobile/cellular phone
•Most common use in Traffic Management to improve mobility on the available road network.

(a)Traffic Telematics:

•Improves mobility on road network
•Informs the driver about the traffic on intended route and system recalculates the route to miss the traffic jams.
•Emergency and breakdown information and calls can be transmitted.
•Traffic information is collected, collated and transmitted in different ways.
•The usefulness of traffic telematics is determined by the quality of information collected.
•Traffic reports are received either through FM receiver with RDS decoder or from cellular network using SMS.
•FCD: Floating car data

Position,direction of travel,distance travelled and speed of moving car is transmitted to a central location

This data is statistical evaluated and analysed to generate reports on traffic situation in that area.
•Whole data of operating and switching is available in digital form and is called Extended floating car data(XFCD).

Navigation screen showing the route and additional traffic information

(b)Mobile data:
• In some cars communication is done directly so that messages can be sent to the car from a special website or from smartphone application.
•SOS is the system used to communicate with the vehicle.

(c)Vehicle tracking:
•Uses an on-vehicle device and computer software at a base location.
•Owner or authorised person can track the vehicle’s location
•Data collected is analysed and stored.
•Most tracking systems use GPS for locating the vehicle.
•Vehicle location and other information can be viewed on electronic maps via internet or by using suitable software.

Vehicle tracking devices are classified as:

(i)Active (ii)Passive

i)Passive: These store the GPS location and other data and the information is analysed and stored after the vehicle returns to the base.

These collect the same data but transmit it in real-time via cellular or satellite networks.
•Information like GPS location information, Fuel amount , Altitude, tyre pressure etc can be collected and analysed.

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