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Eicher Motors with Polaris Industries is building a small vehicle for farmers

Eicher, in partnership with Polaris Industries, the US maker of all-terrain vehicles, is building a vehicle with a 600cc diesel engine, said people with knowledge of the matter. It will be targeted at small traders and marginal farmers who can carry their produce, as well as use it for travelling with the family. Commercial production is expected to start as early as May.

The product is currently under homologation and is expected to come in two versions — a double-cabin micro pickup and a multi-purpose van.

Thanks to Polaris' expertise in making off-road vehicles, the automobile is capable of traversing even places where there are no roads.

Tata Motors' attempt with the Nano — with a 600cc petrol engine — has so far not yielded the expected result. But the Ace mini truck, made on the same platform before the Nano was launched, has been one of the most successful products ever by India's largest maker of commercial vehicles.

Unlike Tata Motors, which had placed a price ceilin…