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Zenvo ST1 .. Super car

The objective, according to company boss Jesper Jensen, was not to build a road rocket that could outdo the Veyron in terms of raw pace (although the claimed figures – 0-62mph in 3.0sec and 233mph max - aren’t too shabby). Instead, the idea was to come up with car that could easily be driven every day, yet which could also double as a track weapon. The ST1 was initially designed as a rolling chassis, built around a steel backbone with double-wishbone suspension and three-way Öhlins adjustable dampers. The massive 7.0-litre supercharged and turbocharged V8 was positioned longitudinally directly behind the passenger cell, and the armoury of radiators and other ancillaries were then scattered around the car. Once all the hardware was in place and functioning to their satisfaction, the Zenvo crew called on Danish designer Christian Brandt to pen the contours of the carbonfibre bodyshell. The car you see here is the prototype, which has clocked up more than 45,000 miles - and isn't lookin…

Alfa Romeo Giulia sedan debuts with 510 hp

A 510hp turbocharged V6 engine built with Ferrari-inspired technologies, all wrapped up in a muscular body featuring an expansive use of aluminium and carbon fibre is going to have that affect though…

albeit narrower and with a shorter wheel base – the rear-wheel drive (and four-wheel drive option) Giulia will be available in a number of specification levels. It’s the range-topping Quadrifoglio that has our interest piqued though, and even from these first images, Very healthy power-to-weight ratio – less than 3kg (6.6lbs) per horsepower – Alfa Romeo says the high performance sedan will go 0-60mph in just 3.9 seconds. Looking at those brakes we can assume it’s going to stop just as impressively too!

On top of its muscular form there’s plenty more to this model, including a perfect 50/50 weight distribution, advanced suspension and a front active aero splitter to promote higher stability and increased cornering grip. La meccanica delle emozioni - the mechanics of emotion.

Perfect ble…

Old very cute and small cars

Mini Cooper oldest:

Datsun 1971 240z 


1992 Ducati Sports car:

Austin Mini club 1971 Vintage cars 

Simca :

Honda Goldwing GL1800

Honda Motorcycle & Scooter India Pvt. Ltd., today launched its hugely popular touring motorcycle - the Gold Wing - in India. Furthermore, the day also marks the 40th anniversary of the iconic bike. Powering the Gold Wing is a 6-cylinder 1832cc engine that is claimed to be highly efficient and reliable. The lightweight and rigid twin-spar aluminium frame and single-sided Pro-Arm swingarm delivers stability, and neutral & responsive handling. Additionally, features like five-position heated grips, independently adjustable heated seats and foot-warming system make it a really good tourer during winters. It also gets a luggage capacity of over 150-litres. However, that's not all; the bike also gets a 6-speaker 80W SRS surround-sound system, and riders can connect their iPhone, iPod and USB stick to play their favourite music. To make it a safe vehicle to drive in all situations and conditions, the Gold Wing comes fitted with Combined Braking System (C…

Formula E cars will be significantly faster

Renault Sport and five of the teams currently contesting the maiden Formula E Championship are among the eight new manufacturers accredited to produce powertrains from 2015/2016.

The second season will mark the beginning of Formula E moving away from the control Spark-Renault SRT_01E package, which is powered by a McLaren Electronic Systems unit.

Already a technical partner and represented in the series through e.DAMS, Renault has been selected following an FIA tender process, along with ABT Sportsline, Andretti, Mahindra, Venturi Automobiles and Virgin Racing Engineering.

Newcomers Motomatica and NEXTEV TCR complete the line-up.

All eight will be free to develop powertrains through a bespoke e-motor, inverter, gearbox and cooling system.

The remainder of the package will remain unchanged, with batteries the next stage of Formula E's evolution in the third season.

Formula E cars will be "significantly" faster next season when the series is opened up to manufacturer deve…