Future Phoenix Electric Car

The brainchild of auto designer Huynh Ngoc Lan, the Phoenix is a car for the future that caters to the taste of the driver without polluting the environment with toxic emissions. The Phoenix – Concept features a glass cabin that provides panoramic views of the landscape to the two occupants.

Huynh Ngoc Lan, Phoenix Car, Futuristic Vehicle

The vehicle is designed to run clean on electric batteries that provide energy to four electric motors mounted inside each wheel. The door system is to be covered with an automatic LED light system that can change its color according to the taste of the driver.

Huynh Ngoc Lan, Phoenix Car, Futuristic Vehicle


  1. This car was designed by a man in Vietnam, right?

  2. no thos one is not designed in vietnam i.e the diffrent one , thank you for views and comment


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