Old is Gold About Fiat Cars

The first factory was opened in 1900 in Corso Dante. 150 workers were employed there and produced 24 cars, among which was the 3/12 HP, not yet fitted with reverse gear. The FIAT® logo, oval on a blue background and designed by Biscaretti, was adopted in 1904.

In 1958 production started growing enormously, both for automobiles and farm machinery. 
Mirafiori doubled its factories and Fiat set up new manufacturing plants abroad as well. 
In Italy this was the period of the economic boom and the auto sector was the ‘driving force’ of the     economy.

In 1955 the Fiat 600 was born, a big utilitarian car with a rear mounted engine.

In 1957 the New 500 was presented and in 1960 it began to be produced in the ‘Giardinetta’ version, a precursor of the Station Wagon style.

Moreover, these were the years of Fiat 1800, then 1300 and 1500.

Fiat 850, a new popular utilitarian car, the 127, made its debut in 197


In 1966 Giovanni Agnelli, the grandson of the founder, became President of the company. In those       years there was a trend toward increased automation of the manufacturing processes to cope with       the oil crisis and to continue on the road of technological innovation

Source: http://www.fiat-india.com/history/

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