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Automotive Climate Control System

Automotive climate control system is ranked ahead of anti-lock braking systems (ABS), aerodynamics and diesel engines as the most innovative technology in automotive history*? * By Channel 4, a British public-service television broadcaster .

Automotive climate control by definition refers to the car’s integrated heating, ventilation and air conditioning system. Other manufacturers’ names for this include climatronic or intelligent air conditioning. As implied by the name, “automotive climate control” is the technology that creates ambient comfort within the vehicle.

The primary goal of an automotive climate control system is to provide passenger comfort in as quick a time as possible. Because heat flows in one direction only, from areas of high temperature to low temperature, the climate system must create a flow by cooling the air below the ambient air temperature. This is done with a “vapor compression system” – the same principle used in domestic refrigerators – which cools the ai…

AUTO EXPO Greater Noida 2016

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