SanDisk Introduces Automotive Grade Flash Storage Solutions

A global leader in flash storage solutions, today introduced a new suite of robust, automotive grade NAND flash solutions designed for next-generation ‘connected cars’ and automotive infotainment systems. SanDisk Automotive storage solutions are optimized to bring reliable, high-performance storage to a wide range of in-vehicle applications, including 3D mapping and advanced augmented reality in navigation systems, entertainment systems, intuitive driver assist technology, data event recorders, and more. By providing the responsiveness and capacity of SanDisk flash storage technology, SanDisk Automotive solutions offer the potential for car manufacturers to continue to push the boundaries of connected car application experience.

  1. A complete portfolio of iNAND storage solutions (e.MMC based) and removable SD cards
  2. Capacities ranging from 4GB to 64GB to suit multiple applications.1
  3. Sequential read/write up to 120/30 MB/s for iNAND storage solutions and up to 20MB/s read speed for removable SD cards2
  4. Enhanced Power Immunity in both embedded drives and SD cards
  5. Operating temperatures ranging from-40°C to +85°C
  6. Products for navigation/ infotainment systems, ADAS, data event recorders, digital instrument clusters and other systems
  7. All automotive products are AEC-Q100 certified


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