Rolls Royce New Concept Car Vision Next 100

‘A vision of the future of luxury mobility’ is how Rolls-Royce defines project 103EX, otherwise known as the Vision Next 100.

If that’s the case the future might take some getting used to, at least aesthetically, but it’s the technology presented within that represents the British luxury brand’s true look at the future, with a fully autonomous, zero-emissions luxury vehicle.

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One could argue Rolls-Royce has already previewed both in the past – electric mobility with the Phantom-based 102EX and autonomy because… well, how many owners also drive their own Rolls-Royce?

But as one of the BMW Group’s Next 100 Years projects, the 103EX pushes boundaries further than Rolls-Royce has ever attempted before.
The key, says Rolls-Royce, is in epitomising four key tenets of the future of luxury mobility: ‘The Personal Vision’, ‘The Effortless Journey’, ‘The Grand Sanctuary’ and ‘The Grand Arrival’.
 There’s more than a hint of the concept of early luxury rail or air travel in there.The disposal of any driving apparatus has also provided the Vision Next 100 with unfathomable amounts of space. The interior is more akin to the apartment of a well-to-do bachelor than that of a car cabin, with the finest Macassar wood panelling and generously sized OLED screen leaving customers hard-pressed to find a reason to leave the car’s comfort.

There are no direct references to what powers the Vision Next 100 concept – ‘zero-emission’ is as detailed as it gets, and it could be a long time before Rolls-Royce finally retires its magnificent V12 engines.


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  1. I have seen many concept cars on internet but hardly saw any coming to reality. They are all just a fantasy and one should never stay on fantasies.

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