Fuel Monitoring In Vehicle Tracking System

Fuel Monitoring System

Today, GPS Tracking device or GPS Tracking unit is used widely all over the world to monitor vehicle, truck, excavator or even train location and speed.
  • But it's not only one purpose of GPS tracker...
  • Technoton Sensors breaks application limits and introducing to Indian customers powerful GPS and GNSS Fleet monitoring and Genset monitoring solutions.

    Fuel level sensor DUT-E

     Designed to measure the fuel volume in tank. There are number of modifications of various length and interfaces.

    Compatibility requirements: terminal of vehicle tracking system should have one or two analog inputs or RS-232 interface or RS-485 interface or CAN interface.
    Adopting a fuel monitoring system for fleet management will not only exclude fuel theft and ensure company vehicles are used appropriately, you will also benefit from:
    • refining fuel consumption rates (very important for special equipment, where fuel is written off according to operating hours);
    • vehicle operating time monitoring;
    • improving fleet profitability.
    Depending on the conditions and the equipment, different fuel monitoring methods can be applied:
    • monitoring fuel consumption in fuel line;
    • monitoring fuel level in the tank;
    • monitoring injector pulses;
    • receiving data from CAN and J1708 buses.
    • knowing the location of your vehicle 24/7
    • tracking speed, rpm, temperature and many other sensors                         
    Fuel flow meter DFM

    Designed to measure the flow in the fuel line of engine. Produced as one-way (direct) fuel flow meters, and differential fuel flow meters. There are versions for different ranges of fuel consumption.

    Compatibility requirements: terminal of vehicle tracking system should have one or two frequency inputs.

    • monitor fuel consumption:
      • prevent fuel theft;
      • optimize fleet operations;
      • monitor fuel line condition;
      • monitor engine operation mode;
    • monitor your vehicles and manage your fleet:
      • detect unauthorized trips and underhand cargo;
      • avoid fines for exceeding load limits;
      • monitor vehicle location in real time,
    • remotely diagnose vehicle problems:
      • receive data from CAN and J1708 buses;
      • diagnose vehicle ECUs;
      • simulate CAN bus;
      • collect data from sensors and vehicle CAN buses and send it to the tracking device;
      • integrate standard onboard sensors and vehicle ECUs into S6 telematics bus.                      
    Source : Technoton


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    1. When most people think about GPS they think about getting directions or finding a stolen vehicle. For a business with a fleet of vehicles, however, a GPS vehicle tracking system increases productivity.

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    3. With the help of a gps tracking device tracking vehicle is so easy now. This device ensures drivers safety, fleet safety and less fuel consumption.

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