How to know about your car engine

When we say that a car has a 1150cc engine, what does it means? Why do people keep referring to the cc when looking for good vehicles?  

So here is the answer of that question which all the users have in their mind.
"cc" stands for cubic centiliter. it is a unit of measure for volume.

As far as engines are concerned , then cc indicates the volume of the cylinder bore(in case of single cylinder engines).

as for multicylinder engines , the numerical value of cc indicates the sum total of all the cylinders(though the volume of individual cylinders may not be mentioned).

Since 'cc' stands for cubic centimeters, everyone regards it to be the volume of cylinder. But actually it is the Displacement volume of a cylinder(in case of single cylinder engine). In other words it is the volume of the piston travel from TDC to BDC. It does not includes the clearance volume or the volume of the combustion chamber. The cylinder volume for a single cylinder engine is higher than the 'cc' of the engine.

A 6000 cc engine basically means that the sum of the displacement volumes of all the cylinders is 6000 cc

Also the 'cc' specification for any engine is rounded off to nearest value. It is never exact. For example, Maruti 800 had 796cc engine but it was always regarded as an 800cc engine car.

Actually it is a general notion among people that a higher cc engine is a better one. This is because not everyone is a mechanical engineer or knowledgeable of IC engines. Even a lot of mechanical engineers don't know about it.

Though there is no direct proportionality, but a higher cc engine will produce more power output and will have less fuel economy. So if fuel economy is major priority then a lower cc engine is more appropriate and if power is the major priority then a higher cc engine is required.


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