Chervolet's NEW Concept CAR FNR

As the Self-driving cars now a days  became a lot more interesting all of a sudden. however the GM has taken the wraps off the Chevrolet FNR, an autonomous electric vehicle concept designed in Shanghai by the company’s Pan Asia Technical Automotive Center (PATAC). It’s intended as a showcase and trial balloon for some of the automaker’s current research and upcoming tech, but it’s the styling above all that grabs you.  

 According to our research, The FNR vehicle  looks like a Hot Wheels car for The Matrix. It’s mostly glass capsule, with crystal laser headlights and taillights, dual swing “dragonfly” doors, and magnetic hubless wheel electric motors . 

While Sitting  inside it, and behold the incredible wall-to-wall, entirely virtual dashboard beneath the almost-horizontal windshield. You can’t start the car without it recognizing your eye’s iris.
 At that point, advantage of the car’s various sensors and roof-mounted radar, which map the surrounding environment and help determine the best route to your destination, along with help from an artificially intelligent personal assistant.

face-to-face seat 

On the other way, the seats can swivel 180 degrees (picture above). This way we can have a conversation with the people in back,, we can also drive the car yourself with gesture control, although I’d recommend facing front again first.  

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