HAHA Electric Vehicle

Here its presents with HAHA Electric Vehicle which is being introduced with two types of charging system. One is the urban use of electric truck and other one is Auto Electric vehicle charging system . there are two condition which must be satisfied with this fabulous electric vehicle .

Where as the each vehicle in this segment are equipped with the two sets of batteries each of 20KW & 20 KW . As i have attended the  electric vehicle show in taiwan , The EV Of HAHA Vehicles was the center of attraction due to its advanced features which calls it to be perfect electric vehicle.

The HAHA generation prepares two set one for the recharging system and the other one for the recharging interchangeably to ensure the safety of the electric vehicle and also its equipment with unique power generation system

The technology is all about the fully rechargeable batteries which completes charging within an hour. The latest innovation which have seen in this show at Taiwan is about the charging technology in which batteries  are charges within an hour to continuous supply electric to the main motor to achieve the extension of the vehicle endurance .

Features :

  1. Vehicle Speed : 80km/hr
  2. Endurance : 60-70 km
  3. Charging supply : 15 A
  4. Battery u not easy to heat up
  5. Battery : Lithium Ion 
  6. Battery :3kw/hr
  7. Warranty : 5 Years

After the driving the EV for an hour . A group of cells 20KW/hr of electricity consumption of the remaining 10 % of the automatic controller which will automatically switch to Battery B to continue the electric power supply to run the motor and auto rechargeable generation system will recharge the rest of 90 % of A group which interchangeably to group B of cells to extend the vehicle

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