Lito-SORA calls to be perfect Super Electric Bikes maker

Sora Base Model

It is Designed with state-of-the-art technology and the highest quality parts, the SORA is a feat of motorbike engineering.  

SORA Signature Series

LITO is the first company in the motorcycle industry which develops a bike that combines electric motorization, sport-like performance and adjustable driving dynamics (the bike features an electrical seat that allows you to shift between “custom” and “sport” handling as you ride).

Sora LCD touch Screen

The system is highly integrated with touch screen GPS to map a location and tell you if you have the battery charge to get there.
It will also switch modes to save electricity based on your riding style.

In addition to the SORA, LITO provides sub-systems and design services for powerful, eco-efficient vehicles of various sizes. As these vehicles demand high performance as well as sufficient battery-storage space, and LITO can now offer solutions to meet this need.

Signature Series SORA by LITO

They offer to OEM products and services that will:
  1. Reduce cost and development time
  2. Reduce vehicle weight
  3. Maximize power
  4. Minimize environmental pollutants
  5. Reduce fossil fuel consumption.


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