Top Concept Motorcycles in the world

Mach Ness

.This Motorcycle manufacturer by Arlen Ness crafted this metal monster powered by a gas-turbine helicopter engine. The aluminum outer shell with noticeably large rivets gives it a sort of steam punk edge that you just won’t get from carbon fiber and plastic.Its body has been shaped entirely by hand, which lends to why it’s not being mass produced, 

Icare Bike Concept

we had access to all the possible concept designs for Batman’s motorcycle the Icare Bike Concept would certainly be on the list. you can just imagine the Dark Knight leaning into a tight turn on this sleek black bike. Icare isn’t just a wonderful concept, but a real working design which proves too by having powered by a six-cylinder 1.8 liter Honda engine with dual exhaust . Right now it’s still up in the air whether or not it will go into production, but keep you fingers crossed. 

Halbo Future Duo-Wheel BMW

This is incredibly small and fast motorcycle and could care less about your personal safety then we’ve got a bike for you. Designer Pierre Yohanes designed the Halbo for eco-minded people who want something compact and electric powered. The front wheel is stationary and the back tail turns, so it’s kind of like riding a motorboat

2015 Honda CB750 Concept

This blocky bike feels like a vision of the future  imagined by a video game designer from the mid 90s. The carbon fiber, aluminum and titanium frame gives the 2015 Honda CB750 enough strength to carry heavy riders. It’s powered by a four cylinder liquid hydrogen engine and features have board computers controlled by an OLED touch screen. It also features where the  radar technology will slow the bike automatically if it detects an oncoming collision… a feature which you can of course disable if you like to live dangerously.

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