Chrysler 200 the perfect Car to buy in USA

I am not a lover of Japanese Cars like other Indian living in USA. The reason I believe so is the most Indians don’t even enjoy the long engine life which they say is the likable factor to buy Japanese cars. I am a fan of high speed, heavy engine cars and enjoyed my Ford Mustang for almost 3 years. I was overwhelmed with the thought and research when I decided to get a new Car.

 One thing was sure to get a sedan to accommodate 4 people easily for my future road trips with family. Again with the same mind set, my research stopped with Chrysler 200 and Mazda 6 sedan. Chrysler 200 won the mind battle with having remote engine start and heated seats in base model which is life saver in Chilly winter months in USA.

 I am driving my Chrysler 200 from last 2 months and its running smooth. It has a powerful engine of 2.4 liter and producing mileage of 22-24 miles/gallons in City and 32-35 miles/gallons in Freeways. I would recommend getting Chrysler 200 to have all the advanced features and skin of a luxury car with a budget of a full size sedan.

By Mr. Verma


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