Futuristic Harley Davidson CIRCA 2020 Bike

 Designer Miguel Cotto pays homage to the big road hogs by keeping the large 883cc engine, complete with high revs and roars. The similarities end there. The design is almost tron-like in execution. Check out the wheel hubs. They’re actually giant bearings. I do see glimpses of Harley DNA in the center chassis but seriously, can you image any road warriors riding this? 

Harley Davidson 2020 by Miguel Cotto

Then there’s the sleek design, hubless wheels and the overall look, all indicators to a motorcycle of the future. 2010 isn’t all that far though, ten years down the line is a long time, but we don’t see Harley making such radical changes to their design these ten years to complete.


The interesting part about it is that, unlike the usual concept designs that we see nowadays, power comes from a high-revving 883cc engine claimed to retain the HD sound that drives bikers crazy about their bikes.

Its like the hubless wheels and this concept HD motorcycle in general, but certainly can’t imagine a pack of highway wolfs getting their beards on this baby not even ten years from this day. 

Source : yankodesign


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