Hybrid Bus technologies arround the World

The vehicle has a serial hybrid, is equipped with a higher speed (HS) 2.8 L diesel engine made by International Engines South America at its facility in Canoas, metro area of Porto Alegre. The generator feeds the 200 HP max power electric motor.

Tradition and technology are being brought in  together at London as the city’s iconic red buses receive a green makeover and   the type of systems that will drive this change are yet to be determined and the options are causing division among the UK’s engineering community.

According to our research communications, we have found that The team has used the high-speed flywheel, which recycles  kinetic energy that would otherwise be wasted in the brakes. As the bus slow down instead of converting its kinetic energy into heat in the brakes, the CVT transfers energy to the flywheel, spinning it up to speeds of around 60,000rpm.

Wrightbus and ADL has went for the series-hybrid drivetrain with a lithium-ion battery pack, while Volvo and Optare chose the parallel hybrid, with the latter opting for a nickel-metal hydride battery over lithium ion. Series hybrids are recognised as being more suitable for start-stop application system. 

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