World's first Electric Roads E- Highway at Sweden by Scania Group

This an electrically-powered G 360 truck from Scania which made the inaugural journey.Sometimes vehicles will be very much  big and heavy to make them ideal candidates for providing the full electrification which doesn't mean, though, they cant be powered up solely by electricity.

The Scania G 360 4x2 (hybrid truck) uses a Siemens pantograph on the roof to tap power from lines on an electrified road in Gävle, Sweden.

These Hybrid trucks were specially fitted with a device called a 'pantograph power collector' can drive underneath the lines and tap into the power.When these are  connected to the lines, they run completely on electricity. When they drive out of the right lane, the onboard engine kicks on, as it reverts back to hybrid mode.

This idea is not the  exactly a new one. In fact as per the report  Seattle has been running electric 'Trollybuses since 1940 so the Sweden's electric road has given wide implementation which could help the country to meet its goal of being fossil fuel vehicle free by 2030.

These truck can freely connect to and disconnect from the overhead wires while in motion, operating as electric vehicles which will be on the electrified road and as regular hybrid vehicles at other stage. All the Scania trucks which will be on the road are hybrid and Euro 6-certified, will be running on biofuel.

This technology allows a charging station to recharge the vehicle wirelessly from the road surface in just 6 to 7 minutes, allowing the bus to go its entire route using renewable electricity.

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Image Source : Scania, Examrace
Content Source : scania

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