Create,Design & Manufactures your own Cars for the Car Company

Solid engine design which is a big part of creating a successful car in Automation. The game gives you the opportunity to build your own engines from scratch by engine configuration, over the valve train design, to the fuel system and detailed turbocharging systems. Many design changes can affect the engine sound.


In the game you will get the challenge Compromises that are  abound, so that  you need the smallest and cheapest engine possible for a budget mini-car or a no-expense-spared twin-turbo beast for your next supercar which you will design on the basis of customer requirement. 

Detailed Car Design

Of course, the  engines need to be put into cars, which you do as the Car Designer. Now Choose between various chassis and materials, drive train layouts, suspension types and more. A huge range of car bodies, styling tools and cosmetic design items let you create unique and interesting car designs through the decades.

Key Features for the Game :  


1. It will give Extremely Deep, Technical, Creative which gives the Experience unheard-of creative freedom in a highly technical, realistic game play  through you experience revolving around building a car company from scratch. Go ahead and build your dream-car company!

2. Dynamic World Markets – Master realistically modeled dynamic markets, distribution, and demand. Try to cater to the needs of over 40 different target groups and their needs, or find your safe-haven niche in a cutthroat economic environment.

Flexible Car Designer – By designing  the cars you would have in your garage. You can choose from diverse chassis types and materials, engine placements and drive train setups, gearboxes, suspensions, brakes, tyres, and finish off you design with fully customization body types, looks and styles.

Highly Detailed Engine Designer – Delve into endless possibilities combining  for different 4-stroke petrol engine configurations, internals, head types, forced induction systems, fuel systems, headers and mufflers. All based on different 4-stroke petrol engine configurations: Inline 3, 4, 5, 6, V6, 8, 10, 12, 16, Boxer 4, 6.

Source & Image Courtesy : automationgame

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