Cruise Cars International Golf Cart & Utility Vehicle Specialist

Cruise Car has really  redefined their light utility vehicle for market in all government agencies and is now swiftly moving in to the private sector with similar success to hold the good position in market

Cruise cars by the American O.E.M Provider Of Electric & Solar Electric Utility And Specialty Vehicles

Roadster which is Meticulously designed for a fresh and sporty look and offered in several configurations. You won't find these vehicles anywhere else!

It is basically Designed for a major hotel chain with very specific cargo requirements. This hospitality vehicle allows for large laundry baskets to be wheeled on to our extra wide platform, where we have installed custom length channels to prevent the wheels of the laundry crate from moving while the vehicle is in motion.

  1. It can runs upto 5-10miles extra driving distance per day. 
  2. Zero carbon footprint when operating on solar. 
  3. Energy saving and 10 year solar warranty.
Vehicles are also equipped with an aluminum rear cargo box for additional storage and food trays.

Information and Image source : cruisecarinc


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