Jenny Tinmouth the first and only female motorcycle racer in British Superbike Championship

Jenny Tinmouth revs her engine on the grid of the British Superbike Championship on Easter weekend, it will be the culmination of a lifelong journey for the 36-year-old. Having spent her entire biking career as a privateer, the first woman to race in the championships was recently which waa signed by Honda in a life‑changing deal.

Tinmouth, who worked alongside Tom Cruise as a stunt double for the actor Rebecca Ferguson in the forthcoming Mission: Impossible – Rogue Nation, holds several world records to her name as a pioneering female in motorsport but has often struggled to pay the bills to keep her bike on the track.

 Last season Tinmouth had to drop out of the championship, three rounds before the conclusion, because she ran out of money. It was not the first time she had dealt with such financial struggles – recalling her toughest year in 2005 when she could not even afford the fuel to race.

 Honda contract further serves to boost her reputation in a one-year deal that Tinmouth says was decided “on merit”. The new set-up will take some getting used to, however – she has worked alone up until now, but at Honda her garage will now include a manager, two mechanics, a crew chief and specialists for both brakes and suspension

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