Toyata New Solid State battery by 2020

Toyota is going through its progress on a new kind of battery technology, which uses a solid electrolyte instead of the conventional semi-liquid version used in today’s lithium-ion batteries. 

The improved battery technology this time will  make it possible to create smaller, more lightweight lithium-ion batteries for use in EVs, that could also potentially boost the total charge capacity and result in longer-range vehicles.   

Now the improvement for this type of battery would be longer overall usable life, which can  make it possible to both use the vehicles they’re installed in for longer, and add potential for product recycling and alternative post-vehicle life . 

Solid-state's safety properties could unlock a lithium-metal anode, which represents the chemical ideal in terms of how much charge it can store per unit of mass and volume.   

Pic Courtesy : toyota, Evsolidstate
Information Courtesy : Technews


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  1. This is sounds pretty exciting. This battery would be a great investment for the car but I hope they are not too expensive. Guess we’ll have to wait till 2020 to find out.

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