Ford Model- T

It will not be an overreaction when we’ll say, that Ford T revolutionized the world. Before model T hit the market, only rich people could afford to have a car. Thanks to Ford T debut thought. common middle-class American could have their own family car. It is without a doubt one of the most important cars in the history of automotive industry.

It is now commonly regarded as a first affordable automobile in the world, and for sure he is an ancestor of the likes like Fiat 500, WV Beetle, WV Golf, so different examples of cars, that were produced for the masses. How important feat it is will best express the fact, that this car won the
award for Most Influential Car of the 20th Century, chosen by voters from around the world.

First T Model left production line in 1908. It instantly becomes a big hit, cause it stands out among other cars. It wasn’t like other cheap automobiles, but Ford T for low price provided durability, versatility, ease of maintenance (also in terms of affordability), and comfort. It had standards, it had class, and all that was available for not sky-high price. Soon, more than 40% of cars sold in America were T models! No car ever matched such numbers, and we can safely say it will be hard for any other vehicle to ever match it. If it will, then it would have to be also connected with some sort of major revolution in the automotive industry, and also it would have to be an affordable car, just like most popular Ford ever was.

A complete line of Ford Model T

This car was nothing short of being a genius concept. It could have such quality for so low price,cause it was very innovative in terms of materials used, how the engine was designed and

many other details like that. The especially engine is being praised to this day, as absolutely amazing for its time – it was much simpler than other engines produced in these times, and this simplicity effected inefficiency, and also this engine was very easy to repair, so every ownerquickly learned how to do it all by themselves. You probably wonder what kind of performance

we are talking here about. Well, for sure you can’t expect much from a car produced over a century ago, but 40-45 miles per hour is not so bad, right? Surely, long trips in such vehicle could seem like taking forever, but to be honest, most of us, who are living in big cities, don’t drive daily faster than this. So even today this engine could fit needs of most of us, and of course, it did the job for people one hundred years ago. One big construction failure also occurred, let's are honest here – most of the time T Model had to be driven up a steep hill…backward. Why is that you ask? What kind of idea is it? Well, it had to be done that way, at least often, cause fuel tank was located under the front seat, and engine didn’t use any kind of pump to fed itself with the engine, so eventually, reverse gear actually offered more power than forwarding gears.

Over 15 millions of T models were sold overall, which makes one of the best selling cars in the history of the industry. It is a more impressive feat of course then when some modern car gets close to that number, as nowadays in every family you may count even up to few cars, even

when they are not even middle-class, but then obviously situation was much different. With such enormous sales also production line had to be revolutionized, and Ford succeeded. Of course,not from the beginning, but at 1914 whole assembly process of Model To took around 1.5 hours!

It is astonishing considering what times we are talking about and also shows, how ahead was back then America in comparison to the rest of the world. The fact, that Ford T was dominating domestic market was enough to make Ford T most popular car in the world, in fact at one point 50% of all cars on the globe were Ford T’s! But the market had started to change, and after twenty years successful production of this model was over.

 Many argue, that it didn’t have to go that way, but it was Henry Ford himself,who couldn’t adapt to changing market. As he was a visionary in early 00′s, in 30′s he already was making huge marketing mistakes. For example, Model T wasn’t advancing in terms of styling and even comfort. Ford still believed, that his opus magnum is enough, that it provides everything car should provide to a person. But people started to require more, and Ford was starting to lose his market share to companies that understood how cars must represent more and more quality, provide more comfort, and be more stylish. In 1927, last Ford T left the factory. Interestingly, its engines were still being produced and used, even up to 1941, what is a remarkable success for engine invented in 1907.Nowadays these cars are industry’s legends, and no car collection can be truly respectable without one.

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