Don’t let tires flatten your summer travel plans

Can you imagine going out on a summer road trip with family and friends to enjoy good meal and great stories owing to the fact that you have been away from each other for a long time only to have a flat tire that makes you and your company stay on the road for hours on end? Nobody wants that kind of stress and pressure put on them especially at a time when a getaway has been planned for relaxation. You would therefore want to prevent it at all costs unless it happens inevitably. It is a waste of time to spend hours fixing the puncture and may even be quite costly to you to contact road breakdown and tow services to fix for you the tire. This is especially when you are across the country and your provider actually charges for mileage to the place you are situated. Therefore save yourself all the trouble by preventing beforehand punctures that can be avoided. This article will seek to explain ways in which flat tires can be prevented if any. It is also important to note that flat tires can cause accidents as a vehicle can lose control due to the tire being flat thereby causing potential injury.
Keep Tires Inflated.

Keep the tires inflated at the right pressure as too much pressure can make your vehicle more difficult to handle and little pressure on the other hand can make your tires wear out faster. If you are not sure of how much pressure is needed to be exerted in the tires then check the manufacturer’s instructions to know the correct pressure that is required for your vehicle. In addition to that constantly check your spare tire occasionally to ensure that it has the required air pressure and that it has no defects.

Check Tires For Uneven Wear
Check the tires regularly to make sure they are in good condition and that they are wearing out evenly. When examining the tire, check for small cracks in the sidewall of the tire as these may be objects that are stuck on there. The tire tread can become thin from fast starts to hard stops from driving around the city. Also, when purchasing new tires consider ones with a thick tread which is puncture resistant and buy ones with longer wear warranties that you are guaranteed will serve you for a long time.

Caution When Driving
Stay away from streets that have construction sites or are located near the sites as they may have sharp objects such as glass and nails that were used during building development in the area. Due to the inevitability of getting a flat tire, once you have exchanged a spare tire avoid using the spare for a long distance. This is because the spare is not usually as strong as the long one and it is usually used in situations where back up is required. In addition to that it is recommended that the driver should drive on low speed when on a spare tire. Check the brake pads also regularly as they can cause uneven wear when not adjusted properly. 

Make sure to have the equipment to change a tire such as a car jack and a lug wrench. You should also carry with you compressed air or a pump to remedy the situation in case of a flat tire.
It is therefore very important to ensure you take all these steps into consideration when thinking of taking a road trip with your loved ones to ensure you reduce the number of times that you need to make stops so as to fix punctures. On the other hand you will also save yourself from the extra expenses that will be incurred by preventing these punctures.

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