Unbelievable Audi MMI Touch

Audi has really got  into setting the bar significantly higher with regard to multimedia technology with the new A8. The optional new MMI navigation plus system can provides its data to other technology modules which can makes the entire car with highly intelligent system.

 Its radically new operating concept with the MMI touch touchpad is another pioneering solution. The new A8 also leads the competition with respect to telephony and infotainment features.

The new MMI navigation plus has pure high-tech. All functions which includes the DVD drive, that are integrated in the main unit – the central computer in the center console. A8 owners can use a third of the 60 GB hard drive as a jukebox holding up to 4,000 songs.

 The hard drive also stores the navigation data. Two processors ensure that all applications such as navigation, voice control, telephony and audio remain fast and fluid when used simultaneously.

A dedicated 3D graphics processor generates the three-dimensional images in high resolution and high quality. The map shows these as a highly detailed 3D terrain model, and 3D maps of many European cities are also provided. If desired, an automated zoom feature always shows the most relevant section of the map, and route guidance now offers the choice between the classic arrow and a new, animated display with a lot of detailed information.

The functions of the tuner and sound system are consolidated in a second block, the radio unit. A central interface connects both units to the vehicle network. All the components have been developed according to strict Audi specifications. The Audi quality standards were as uncompromising as ever because the electronics used in a car have to be able to withstand extreme temperatures and vibrations

On the highway, the radar can assist with speed limiter which can also compute the lanes in curves.

 On winding country roads the eight-speed tiptronic does not make unnecessary upshifts on short straight stretches. And in urban areas, the junction lights go on as the new A8 approaches the intersection even if the driver does not signal that ensures even better.

Source : Audi

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