Cars with Best Mileage that You can't Miss Out

Owning a car is, to an extent, a necessity for every family as well as individual. Not only does it act as a status symbol, especially in a country like India, it also makes daily life much easier to maneuver. From long trips to the office to short ones to the grocery store, having your own car works really well in helping you save time and travel comfortably. Additionally, buying a car is also a one-time investment whose benefits you can reap for a long time by cutting back on any and all travelling costs. To pull this off in the most convenient way for yourself and your family, taking a look at the best mileage cars is crucial.

The mileage on any car is important as it allows you to get a better look into its cost-effectiveness and efficacy in terms of performance. With rising diesel and petrol costs, focusing on the best mileage cars is a must to ensure you can drive comfortably for miles before having to stop for a refill.

Here are some of the best mileage cars that you should not miss out on:

Tata Tiago: This stylish 5-seater car has a high mileage of upto 23.84 kmpl, making it one of the best options for regular use. With its cosy interiors and fuel efficiency, you can easily drive this car for a long time without any inconvenience.

Image Source : autocarindia

Maruti Suzuki Baleno: This Maruti model has a mileage of 19.56 kmpl with an automatic transmission engine. On the petrol variant, the mileage for this car goes upto 23.87 kmpl, so you can be rest assured that this car will give you the most comfortable ride.

Image Source : globalsuzuki

Hyundai Grand i10: Grand i10 has a petrol mileage of 19.83 kmpl, and if you opt for the diesel variant, you can take advantage of a 24.95 kmpl mileage. This car is built for everyday wear and tear; with its smooth performance and comfortable seating area, your Hyundai Grand i10 will be a long term companion.

Image Source : autocarindia

Ford Figo: With a mileage of 16 kmpl - 24.4 kmpl, Ford Figo has been reviewed by long time drivers to have one of the best on-road experiences. This model is easy to handle, has minimum maintenance costs and is also one of the best looking cars available in the market. Purchasing this car is undoubtedly a smart decision that will make everyday life much easier.

Image Source : cardekho

Renault Kwid: Kwid has a fuel economy of upto 22 kmpl, making it one of the best models on the road. This car will give you a smooth performance, a comfortable driving experience on the road, along with efficient safety features ideal for a family.

Image Source : renault

These are some of the best mileage cars in the market available currently. Bringing one of these home is a sure fire way to make travelling an easy chore. Take a look at these and more on Spinny, a certified used car dealer that will offer you the best deals on your favourite cars!


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