Old two wheelers

Kinetic Luna is a 50 cc moped that was introduced by Kinetic Engineering in India in 1972. The Kinetic Luna continues to be produced and marketed in India. It is marketed in the USA as Kinetic TFR. A 35 cc version, the Luna Wings, was also produced first luna and old Generation bikes Royal Enfield

The Rajdoot 350, or RD 350, was a two stroke Yamaha motorcycle made in India by Escort Group from 1983 to 1990. RD stands for 'Race Developed' series, In India promoted by Rajdoot in collaboration with Yamaha Japan.

The Bajaj Priya was a three geared scooter manufactured by Maharashtra Scooters under a license agreement with Bajaj Auto from 1975.
The Bajaj Super was a two stroke 150 cc motor scooter produced in India by Bajaj Auto between 1976 and 2006.


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  2. Two stroke motorbikes have favorable circumstances to the four stroke bicycles and the V-6 motorbikes. 2 stroke motors have a much more grounded rate of increasing speed and in addition having significantly less parts that could breakdown. Power groups in these bicycles additionally make trail riding fun.

    1. Yes jason , in two strokes bikes we require less maintenance too and its more easier to start also and that too mechanism of two strike cyle is much simpler than 4 stroke engine.

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