Zero emission 100% electric Vehicles

100% electric vehicles, otherwise known as “battery electric vehicles” or “pure electric vehicles”, are wholly driven by an electric motor, powered by a battery that can be plugged into the mains. There is no combustion engine.


Electrical energy from the battery is passed through wire coils in the motor to create a magnetic field. This magnetism turns a rotor, which then turns the wheels of the vehicle.

To maximise efficiency this process is run in reverse when the vehicle is slowing down. The motor is put into reverse to slow the vehicle down, acting as a mini-generator to top-up the battery. Known as “regenerative braking”, this can add 10 miles or more to the range of the vehicle, energy that is entirely wasted through braking in petrol and diesel vehicles.

As 100% electric vehicles rely entirely on electricity for fuel, they do not produce any tailpipe emissions. At present, most of these vehicles on the market typically offer a range of around 100 miles


• BMWi3
• Nissan LEAF
• Renault ZOE
• Volkswagen e-Golf
• Volkswagen u-Up!

Nissan e-NV200
Nissan e-NV200 Combi
Renault Kangoo Van ZE


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