Amazing the world first Autonomous Racing car

This car made by london based firm, Kinetic, is the worlds first autonomous racing car. They are planning a driverless series called RoboRace that will see upto 10 teams competing in artificially intelligent controlled cars against each other in an F1 style battle, however no actual driver present onboard the car.

This car is set to be featured in shows during the 2016/17 forumla E series and not much else is being said about this top secret project, however we understand that the cars are able to acheive top speeds of more than 186mph

RoboRace is a planned driverless series that will see 10 teams compete to develop the best artificially intelligent controlled car. The vehicles will race at the same events -- though not the same races -- as those of the electric league Formula E.
The initial design for the car has been produced by Daniel Simon who said that the low aerodynamic profile is to generate the huge amounts of grip required. "It was important to us that we generate substantial downforce without unnecessary parts cluttering the car to maintain a clean and iconic look," Simon said in a press statement.

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