Autonomous Car -Self Driving Vehicle

A CAR sprouting a dome containing a spinning laser sensor and festooned with cameras barely draws a second glance as it edges through the crowded streets of Berkeley. Self-driving cars are no longer a rare sight on Californian roads. Over 100 autonomous vehicles from a dozen manufacturers are now being tested in public, covering hundreds of thousands of kilometres each year.

But this car is different: its human driver keeps his hands firmly on the wheel. The vehicle, nicknamed “George”, a Berlin-based mapping company owned by BMW, Audi and Daimler, is not driving itself but collecting data that enable other cars to do so.

As more new cars are fitted with smart-driving features, such as automatic braking, lane control and overtaking, technology will continue to lead vehicles towards full autonomy. And HD maps will extend beyond the road. such as utility wires, bridges, trees and, in some cases, details of buildings up to 15 storeys. Such data could be used for navigation by another type of robotic vehicle—drones—which is why one company with drone-delivery ambitions.


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  2. I am working with and yes being in this industry I must say that autonomous cars are very beneficial in their own way. Autonomous vehicles are a way to go ahead. An autonomous vehicle senses the environment without any human input. An Indian from Kerala has managed to build a self driving Tata nano. Now there are self driving Bicycle from Google too. In coming years there will be increased number of self driving cars.

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