Kinetic Engineering now landed to Electric Vehicles

Kinetic Green Energy & Power Solution Ltd which is the reliable manufacturer, exporter and supplier of automobile products like Golf Cart, Electric Car Shape BOV, Electric Bus Shape BOV, Utility And Customized BOV, etc. Fabricated in compliance with international quality standards, our products are widely utilized for making vehicles.

It is high in performance, easy to maintain, reliable, durable and cost effective that make it highly proficient for varied usages. We are delivering our range in custom and standards sizes, designs and finishes

The diversification of the firm into low-speed electric vehicles meant for so-called niche applications such as golf carts and garbage carriers will help the firm leverage the Kinetic brand, which is identified with engineering, innovation and technology, Motwani said, while reiterating that it doesn’t plan to re-enter the two-wheeler segment.

Motwani said the diversification into niche vehicles will help the supplier of auto sub-assemblies and parts tide over the downturn in the automotive industry. Passenger vehicles and truck sales have been going through a prolonged slowdown, also hurting auto component makers.

Kinetic Engineering (KEL) and Mahindra Two Wheelers (MTW) on Monday announced that KEL had sold its entire stake of 10.3 per cent in MTW to private equity investment group Samena Capital for Rs.182.1 crore. The net proceeds would be about Rs.110 crore.


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  1. Nowadays electric vehicle is planned in two ways those are Battery Electric Vehicles and Hybrid vehicles. Battery Electric Vehicles clandestine substance vitality to electrical vitality in batteries; though Hybrid vehicles, which change over compound vitality to electrical vitality through an inward ignition motor and a generator. In this article you will learn module half and half.

    1. Thank you for your views and opinion Jason , I will be updating soon about electric car . There are three types of hybrid vehicles, plug-in Hybrid, Hybrid electric and fully Electric Vehicle.I will post the details and working of all these vehicles in my next post...

  2. Kinetic Wind Sculptures dance with the wind in exciting and creative ways. Powered by nature they spin and twirl, glide and soar. Some are feats of engineering genius that capture the imagination as they move through the air.

  3. Kinetics Motor Company is known for providing high quality and high performing vehicles for the Indian market. Now recently Kinetic has launched a middle range scooter, Flyte, in the cooperation with reputed SYM brand of Taiwan. SYM refers to San Yang Motor.Read more

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