Are You Aware About Fiat Air Technologies ?

1. Turbo Methane :

 Turbo downsizing applied to methane fueled engines which improves the combustion and reduces the CO2 emissions compared to petrol.

2. Start / Stop : 

An innovative and efficient system introduced by fiat technologies, which stops the engine when it doesn't required in traffic or when you are in queues and it automatically starts when you start moving , This intelligent systems also recognize start/ stop queues and its automatically deactivated

3. Multi jet :

In this generation common rails allows more effective management of fuel injections which helps to increase them around 5 to 8 per engine cycle and more noise less. This multi jet technology will save your fuel about 3 percent and upto 20 % on nitrogen oxide emissions.

4. I - Efficiency : 

Engine & Transmission :

To increase the durability and efficiency optimized slip, slow and flexible piston rings were used and for  controlling the heat , electronically controlled  thermostat were installed .

5. Eco-Drive Technology :

This innovative system carries out real time analysis of cars fuel consumption and emission based on the driving style.

6. Dualogic :

Robotized gear box with clutch and gears selection managed by control unit , gears selection is optimum where as you dont need to press the clutch also and you can select your driving style too.

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