India's First electric motorcycle-Tork Motorcycle

After being in the racing circuit for nearly six years, the Indian start-up has now decided to jump in automtotive market for making the country's first electric motorcycle.
·    Model T6X features:
  •          Range over 100 km on a single charge more than any other electric two-wheeler in the Indian market
  •          Top speed of 95km/h equivalent to 125cc bike
  •          Onboard navigation
  •          Cloud connectivity
  •          Full digital display
  •          Quick charge.(approximately in an hour)

The electric powertrain of the bike has been built in-house along with the design, chassis and body parts.
Charging station:
Charging is key criteria for the electric bike considering that Tork Motorcycles has claimed that ahead of launching the bike in the market the company with setting up charging station in several key locations in the around the city. company plans to come out with at least 100 charging station per city,

Patent:Tork motorcycles has patented battery management system ,control system motor tunning ,drivetrain and overall product integration


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