7 Mistakes which every learners do while driving the Car

When it comes to driving mistakes, most people are in the "it's not me, it's you" camp. Everything from minor scrapes to major collisions can easily be blamed on the other driver. But what if it is actually your fault? We spoke to the experts and discovered that oftentimes, you (yes, you!) really are the one to blame. The good news? You're not alone.

Read on to find out the most common driving mistakes people make, and what you can do to improve your road skills.We have observed that the beginners are very much excited & interested to learn the car driving but they dont know the mistakes they were going to do while learning the driving .

1.  You have not adjusted your seat before driving the Car :  

     Mostly people dont adjust there seats before driving the car ,avoid this during driving your car,      which may leads to big disturbance while driving that can be dangerous . Please ensure before you crank  the key or start your engine ,adjust your seat and get comfortable So that the viewers sight is distinct and clear for the pathways. 

2. You are not adjusting the side mirrors and center mirror before driving the Car : 

Mostly people dont adjust the mirrors before starting the drive , they usually do it while driving the car , which seems to be more dangerous and unsafe. Please adjust your mirrors according to your view sight . Always take care while passing or overtaking specially in highways.  

  1. To adjust the driver's side-view mirror, place your head against the left side window and set the mirror so you can just barely see the side of the car in the mirror's right side.
  2. To adjust the passenger's side-view mirror, position your head so that it is just above the center console.

3. You're not paying as much attention to the road as you think you are.
Distracted driving is a huge cause of accidents, and cell phone use is one of the biggest culprits. Think you're in the clear because you're wearing a headset? Experts agree that even if you're talking hands-free while behind the wheel, you're still endangering yourself and others. "You're driving a two- or three-thousand-pound piece of metal, and anything you do that distracts you from driving is a danger,"  

4. You are not wearing your seat belt while driving the car :
Now days every youngsters or beginners have the mentality why to wear the seat belt as no cops can be seen in this area or simply they answer they dont like but we want to tell you the fact that Always use seat belts: According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), seat belts reduce serious crash-related injuries and deaths by at least 50%. When you are driving along in a car you are going the same speed as the vehicle. With any sudden stop, your body will still be going at that same speed. Seat belts prevent you from becoming a projectile.

5.  You're applying too much pressure on Accelerator &  brake pedals. 

you're going to get the best fuel economy "if you drive like you have an egg under your foot." The more smoothly you accelerate and brake, Similarly, ignore the old rule that says starting up your car will waste more fuel than idling. "It's not true. If you're going to be sitting for more than a minute or two, turn off your car. Restarting it won't waste any more fuel than if you left it on." 

6 .You are pressing the clutch while accelerating your car :  

Mostly people try to accelerates in  between the gear  shifts due to which the engine shrieks, the clutch sizzles, pedestrians crane their necks and stare and they got panic with unwanted noise comes while changing the gears, this will also affect the life of the clutch plate as it starts wearing due to the incorrect driving practice. 

7. You do cross your hands while turning the steering wheel  : 

It is observed that every learners do this mistake in  turning path they rotate the steering wheel by crossing there hands  which seems to be very unsafe as it locks your hand , In case of emergency or sudden pass of the vehicle which may lead to dangerous accident or loss of hands also. 

When turning to left 

  1. Your left hand begins by pulling in a downward motion from the 10 o’clock position to the 9 o’clock position.
  2. Nearly simultaneously, your right hand slides down to the 7 o’clock position. You don’t want to turn the wheel, you’re simply moving your hand from the 2 o’clock position to the 7 o’clock position. By sliding, you’re maintaining readiness on the wheel.
  3. Stop pulling with your left hand.
  4. Use your right hand to push the wheel “up”. Your hand will move from the 7 o’clock position to the 2 o’clock position.
  5. Return your left hand to the 10 o’clock position,


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