New Mercedes Benz Future concept buses will be self Driven

Mercedes-Benz Future Bus by Daimler

This bus is developed based on technology in the company's autonomous truck, the Future Bus is able to drive itself along suitable routes, communicate with traffic lights to cross junctions and automatically stop at stations.

The Future Bus has recently made a 20 kilometer trip from Amsterdam's Scholarship airport to the nearby town Haarlem, which the company claims makes it the first automated city bus tested in a real-life traffic situation. 

Mercedes-Benz Future Bus by Daimler

It makes public transport safer, more efficient and more productive," said Wolfgang Bernhard, board member of Mercedes-Benz's parent company Daimler AG. 

Mercedes-Benz Future Bus by Daimler

"More people can travel from A to B quickly, punctually and in comfort, to the benefit of all: bus operators, bus drivers and passengers."  

Mercedes-Benz Future Bus by Daimler

Many companies have  proposed the  ideas for autonomous vehicles and supporting infrastructure as the technology edges closer to


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