Tata Motors and Microsoft joint venture for connected Cars

On todays most highlighted news which we all have heard that Tata Motors has aimed to enhance in-car connectivity and efficiency and provide an enriched mobile experience for its consumers.

As we have heard that Mr. Guenter Butschek, CEO & MD, Tata Motors and Mr. Anant Maheshwari, President, Microsoft India, has announced the collaboration, to redefine the connected experience for automobile users.

It aims is to enhanced  in-car connectivity and efficiency for an enriched mobility experience. The first vehicle developed through this partnership will be unveiled at the 87th Geneva International Motor Show on 7th March 2017 which we all will be eager to watch.

They have powered the features by concentrating the prsent driving scenario which are explored for the future.

1. Based on their profile and location data, vehicle owners can receive a proactive point-of-interest, shopping and route assist recommendations which helps to ebanle them to achieve more on the go.

2.Pre-emptive service alerts which are based on vehicle health data will enable owners to avoid costly down time en-route on planned road trips.

3. Using industry-leading firmware over the air (FOTA) and software over the air (SOTA) updates protocols, key vehicle settings can be updated remotely, over the cloud. These will help cloud based diagnostics and the ability to use insights from vehicle data to prevent warranty and recall issues, and offer new services that improve user experience.

4. By capturing, analyzing and acting on live road conditions, vehicle owners will be able to increase safety, optimizes vehicle performance by avoiding roadblocks and rough terrain. By unifying navigation, data elements like maps, weather, traffic, and parking the solution can deliver optimized routing where the location based services are provided to vehicle .

Source : Microsoft.com

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