Unique Car designs collection which you have never seen before

Standard solutions and ideas are more and more often simply not good enough for the most demanding automotive enthusiasts. Natural leather has been replaced by numerous manufacturers with artificial materials and even more luxurious brands have drastically limited the choice of car interior design for their models.

Luckily, you have found a place where the most sophisticated leather or Alcantara is employed in order to turn individual ideas and dreams into reality.

A variety of rhombs, trimmings, sewing techniques, material colors create virtually unlimited possibilities for each and every vehicle. We believe in the perfection of every, even the smallest detail and their skillful combination into a harmonious whole. Trust us with transforming your car interior design into unique, exclusive space according to your vision and character.

This must be called Unique Car Design Ideas

Peugeot Design Lab is a Global Brand Design studio. The strength of a brand is not just measured by its products; everything that a client sees plays a defining role in the perception of the brands image. Peugeot Design Lab specializes in developing global brand & product experience.

A brand consists of much more than just its products, it needs to create unique experiences. At Peugeot Design Lab we develop every stage of the consumers global experience which together enhance the values, identity and image of the brand.


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